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I’m veering attaway on this post. Instead of focusing on other books and book reviewers, or one of my own books saddled by a quirky hang-up I can’t shake, I’m going to see if I can’t switch things around, musing a bit on reader preferences I’ve come across. Generally compiled, seven in all, this list is in no preferential sequence as any reader 'isa' potential friend of mine.

Factual Readers. They are what I call the heavyweights. Facts are important. Don’t guess. Do your research. ‘Cause if you screw up on those dates, locations, or any facts already proven, whether internal or external to the text, the book is as good as over… wherever they’ve stopped reading. These might be your biography or historical readers.

Serious Readers. They are slightly different than the factual reader. These are our experts and they come looking for one thing and one thing only. More data to compile on to their expert opinions. Whatever you do, don’t get cute, and stay away from creative… unless it is one-hundred percent innovative. So trust me when I say you must REALLY know your serious stuff if there is even a slight might of ingratiating this type of reader. These are your serious Non-fiction textbook readers.

Lit Readers. And no, I’m not speaking of Chic-lit. I’m talking all literature here. While a solid story that ties in all loose ends is preferable, they will fall in love with any series of heavenly words that plays stalwartly on the senses. Don’t have to connect all of the dots, so long as it reads like an operatic still lyric. These are your literature historical specialists.
The Joy Riders. These readers are looking to go for the thrill ride of their life. The bumpier, the hairier, the scarier, to the point of no hell-raising return… the better. They prefer to hang from a ceiling of fog, suspended above things like fire, on a thread of hope, greased and oiled, if you get my drift. These are your fiction novel readers.

Laid Back Readers. These are who I call your laisser-faire readers. In general they love a well-bound story. Like who doesn't? But if it’s humorous enough they will let some things slide though. This doesn’t mean however, that they will let sloppy typos, punctuation, or bad grammar slide. If that’s inside, then the book better be damn funny or off the wall expounding! So funny and expounding that they will wake their sleeping boss, at two a.m. in the morning, to tell him or her the story from front to back. These are your diverse, almost any genre goes readers.

Romance Readers. And again no, they aren’t altogether romance readers. Yes they may read romance and enjoy romance, but the romance I’m speaking of here is for those who literally romance books. They love to fall in love with one or more of the characters. They also love well-painted sceneries. Keep the pacing balanced. Too slow and they may fall asleep. Too fast and they run the risk of cardiac arrest. Either way the author is at risk of losing a what here is potentially the most loyal reader gracing the face of Mother Earth. These are also your fiction novel readers… with a hair twinge of diverse reading.

Driven Readers. Outcome-Solution driven readers don’t want the old, the borrowed, or the used. Somewhat like the textbook readers, except textbooks aren’t exactly their thing, they want solid answers, an uplifting premise, or otherwise an unfaltering message that will tuck them in bed and sing them to sleep. This means No bumpy scare tactics. Easy on the sex. And lay off the profanity. In addition to Self-help, often spiritual books, less the textbooks, you may find them reading almost anything under the above guidelines.

I'm sure to come up with more. After all I have not touched on the tickle-me readers ... those pleased by children's books, or those who savor the juicier sassier monologues. The point here is there are a wealth of readers looking for 'something' they like to read.


  1. interesting as usual! What about us bit of this & bit of that readers-- meaning I cross the barriers of several of your fiction categories except for the Driven and I know I'm a tickle-me reader--- What would I be: a hodge-podge reader?

  2. Lesa, you're too funny. I actually thought about you and the other young woman who comments on your blog when I got to the children's readers. But I have to think up term, definitely not hodge-podge though. Something along the gentle-fluent lines I'm thinking.


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