Off the Wall!!!

Now here’s a real ‘Off the Wall Topic’… 10 TV Shows after all these years (I admit) I still watch. This was television when the shows were rich in diversity. Everyone "on-set" wasn’t trying to “be” a movie star, or rich & famous. These were the days when it was all about family and the things families encountered on a day-to-day basis. A time when I recall TV life being rich and full of familial dealings!

1. The Cosby Show **Entire Cast!!!**
2. The Golden Girls **Sophia**

3. Family Matters **Urkle, Laura & the grandmother**
4. Andy Griffin **Andy and my favorite Barney Fife!!!*
5. The Brady Bunch **Entire Cast**
6. Sanford and Son **Fred G. Sanford!!!**
7. Good Times **Wilona, J.J. & Penny**
8. The Jefferson’s **Florence**
9. All In the Family **Archie!!!**
10. Leave it to Beaver **Entire Cast**

An Old Show I used to watch religiously that I wished still aired: Columbo!!!

New Favorites

Everybody Hates Chris **Chris & Rochelle**

George Lopez **George & Benny**


  1. Cool post! It is comfy to watch old fave shows and movies. The ones of your list that I remember watching are Andy, Brady, Sanford, Jeffersons and Beaver. Did you used to rush home from school to watch the 3:30 movie and afterschool reruns? That might be before your time but that was such a treat--- and I didn't realize Gilligan, bewitched, Partridge, ect were already reruns-- I thought they were new.

    Like your new header!


  2. Id add Prince of Bel air to that list ;) Now this is the story all about how My life got flipped.........

  3. The one I recall watching most after school was SPEED RACER... (that's how old I am... LOL!) And yes, Bewitched and Gilligan I watched too!

    And Hi Jessica! You know, I actually thought about the Fresh Prince! Love that show... Will and that darn Carlton, but it isn't aired at night like the others!!! ...And I do wonder how your life got flipped by the show.


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