A Liberty Declaration

The Valet

I'm sure my brother will appreciate this one. It's another one of our Black Table tales – not included in Black Table, but a tale I think of come every 4th of July when I see pictures of the Liberty Bell.

My brother loves working around wheels. He’s mostly a truck man however, but this time he had a job working downtown Philadelphia (PA) parking cars. I guess it was the closet he could get to working with vehicles on wheels at the time.

So, he was (valet) parking cars when two tourists stopped him to ask directions. They wanted to know in which direction was the liberty bell. My brother looked at them... quizzically... before he answered, "didn't you hear?"
They returned the quizzical look. No they hadn't heard. Heard what?

"They moved that bell upstate New York somewhere. It had a big crack in it... they took it up there to get fixed."

To this day we don't know if my brother was teasing, (he's always been a teaser), or if he was serious. After all, we thought he suffered from an above average high intelligence syndrome. Likely he was retrieving an age-old in-class lesson where there had been mention of upstate New York commiserate with the discovery of the Liberty Bell’s hairline fissure and possible fixture, all at the inopportune moment when he realized he didn't know in which direction the Liberty Bell was then located. Honestly, even for myself as he was telling us the story, I didn't have a full understanding of the crack, how it got there, and the lathery discussion surrounding the crack. I dunno… except the one thing all of us knew at that late date. The Liberty Bell was not undergoing any repairs. I tell you, that boy makes us laugh.

Happy, Happy 4th of July ~ Independence Day!