Chocolate Flavor Anonymous

Wait a minute now! I’m browsing the Net today, and it’s so funny how things usually happen for me, but this angsty headline catches me in the hair follicle of a click, almost turning my keyboard upside down.

Whadt!?! Chocolate Associated with Depression?

No way! I’ve been hooked on chocolate since I was two. And I know I had nothing to be depressed about at two. Well, maybe I did, but I wouldn’t have known about it. And still, after all these years eating chocolate like a straight line is long, I’m still not depressed. At least I don’t think I feel depressed. Now, it might be if hooked up to a good depression monitor that baby might turn out all of earth’s lights, but even that don’t prove nothing to me.

I’m sorry, or rather no, I’m not sorry. Those studies are just plain wrong. Sure I’ve gotten depressed here and there. Like who hasn’t, or doesn’t? But for as much chocolate as I’ve eaten, by the sounds of chocolate associating with depression, I should be the walking, mumbling manual of depression.

Of course I had to do more digging after reading this, which let me jump in here and add, it made me quite depressed…until I came upon more favorable research to my liking. There is this other thing ‘supposedly’ associated with eating chocolate that surprised me a lot. Quite a whole lot. Like WHEW… wiped sweat right off my brow.

But seriously, check out some of what’s been recently written about chocolate. I had no idea. Until I went back a little further checking. It’s been reported that research on chocolate is conflicting. HERE, HERE, and HERE. Otherwise I was about to say, “maybe I should go chocolate flavor anonymous.”