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Wait! Hold On! Keep “Those” Gifts!

Here’s what to do with all those gifts you’ve received, but…ah…you didn’t ask for.

Well…first, there are a few things to note and be upfront about here…

A gift is a gift. When you’re younger, gifts of course aren’t looked at like this. I mean, not when you’ve asked for ice-skates, a piano, and a convertible VW and you get to the tree to find Christmas sweaters, leotards, and earmuffs. Well meaning parents might say, ‘you better be thankful. You could have gotten nothing!’ To which I today say…

This sentiment is absolutely correct. I believe it’s a lapse in VERY bad judgment to return a gift. The thought really should count. Unless (of course) the gift-giver leaves coal in your stockings, or perhaps leaves you with another non-returnable gift.

Rarely, if ever, do I return gifts. I’ve been without so I tend to appreciate the smallest gifts, even if…ugh…it may not show all the way. Besides, I hold dear these trinkets I’m about to list, that I’ve found to be within the acceptable realms of accepting gifts I’m sure I’ve never asked for…

Thank the gift-giver…and perhaps add, “you really shouldn’t have,” in which case this is an acceptable response since you truly mean it. Then smile wide. Allow your eyes to glow as you wrap your mind around how much ‘other’ use you'll get out of the gift…

# If it’s a clothing item, you must wear this item to every important function the gift-giver hosts…and be sure to repeatedly remind everyone at the function about who bought you the Christmas sweater, dress, or socks. Note: If it doesn't fit, try tying it around your waist, or wear it around your neck or wrists...or maybe you can turn it into a hat?

# Or better, you might be able to use it as a bath mat, so that your plush mat stays plump and fresh for guests.

# Or maybe your pet needs a new chew toy. Or cushions to sleep on.

# And Halloween costumes!!! How many times has Halloween rolled around and you found yourself at a loss for pulling together a costume?

# Table Coasters. And I know it’s an arts and crafty type of thing, but it’s also a beautiful thing if you can get at least four coasters out of the gift.

# Do you have a painting project coming up? You might need some drop cloths!

# Is it drafty in your home? My father used to seal our windows with sealants that often made it impossible to open the windows in the warm months. This gift might provide a more temporary solution.

# Sometimes when I’m in a hurry, or get a little busy with the writing, I burn up dinner. But the worst part is I don’t like using my kitchen towels to put out the fire. It sure would help to have something that would be just a little more suited for this chore!

# Or, do you need a temporary fish bowl? You know, for the times when you have to clean your aquarium and need temporary lodging for your exotic fish.

# And did you know?... when you run out of Lysol, candles, incense, or other household aerosols that some of those perfumes make for nice room deodorizers. The little boxy gift-sets also can be used to scent the inside of closets or drawers too.

# And let me tell you, if it’s jewelry, especially if it’s gold, and definitely if there’re diamonds and precious stones in the jewel, those things can be reset in other jewels, or re-soddered to create décor and gadgets you may not have thought of… replacement buttons for dresses, blouses, shirts, suits, and slacks; hat pins too, toe rings, and (of course) small figurines to re-wrap and reuse as another gift to pass on.

# Now, if it’s one of those obviously passed along gifts, oh…then this item must be re-wrapped and returned to the giver for the next gift-giving session. Do Not remove any labels, tags, or even wrapping paper. Present the gift exactly the way it was presented to you.

Okay, I’ll stop here. Surely you get the point. I'll leave off with my personal sentiment, which is if I can’t afford, or don’t want to afford a gift the receiver might ‘better’ appreciate…BUT feel as if I MUST give a gift, I give a book. It’s usually affordable, attainable, and you can keep re-wrapping it and passing it around, as it's also priceless.


  1. LOLest, I get you about never returning gifts RYCJ but I have beef with people whom you forever buy decent gifts for (because I don't like giving something I wouldn't like), then those ppl get you something from the $1 store or nothing at all. What do you do with cheap gifts. I'm sorry that just pisses me off and I'm afraid my face normally shows it and I swear " you shouldn't have" will never make it past my voicebox.

  2. That's too funny. I think I would love to see your face. I know it's not funny but OH, how I love to see those faces when someone opens a gift that they just wished wasn't given. You have to see my mother's face. I love my father and know it's the thought that counts, but I must admit I am on the floor rolling when she opens one of his gifts!!! (The $1 store LOL!!!)


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