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Deliberating Change

One of my biggest, and I’m just going to go on and call it ‘a hang-up’, is deliberating change. You might know what I’m talking about… something like heading off for that first class in a brand new semester. You know how it goes, or how it went; last year ending in disaster, barely passing your classes. So now this semester, this year you swear to change that. Of course anyone who knows me however, knows exactly how I fare with such a change.      Yep, I start out strong…strong being the first voice telling me I’m going to do better, going to vigorously take class notes, stick toothpicks between my eyelids if I have to, cross referencing every topic discussed during lectures. Wasn’t nothing getting by me. The instructor, or professor, or teacher was going to have to prove to me why I didn’t deserve the “A”.      But then again, there’s me and the first day. You know it, something inevitably comes up, usually something that started at home or on the way to class, where I arrive in class,…