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What's the Matter?

My general style is humor, but since I’m in a good bloggy mood, I’ll change up my style and write serious for a change. Just a little though.
This post is inspired by a series of posts and book belongings I’ve come across. Authors promoting their own work, the atrocious self-pubbed books, self-publishing period, traditional publishing period, and then I came across one post that got me to cheering, “Yeah! Now that’s some good content.” Whether or not the content behind the content is as good, is another matter. It’s so not the point.

Here’s the point. → A while ago, in a presentation class, attendees were asked what constitutes a good speech. Right away my short answer was, “a good speech.” But alongside my sole constituent was… ‘The way the speaker looked. The way the speaker dressed. The speaker’s title…yes, Job Title. Good diction…’ just naming a few along that thread. I was surprised, disappointed, and exceedingly alarmed. It would have been different if the speaker was on stage to …

Marketing Resources...

While I’m in this bloggy intermission, thought I’d share a few marketing links (primarily for authors & writers) winking at me from my Inbox.

Publishing eBooks: Kindle, iPad, Nook, Kobo?


Become a Guest on BAN Talk Radio.

Support Books, Reading, & Education

…and this one is just for the personal touch… when there are no words, but you care to send the very best.

Inspire and uplift girlfriends and proudly imperfect moms with Lolita and 'Hallmark's' new Girlfriends Collection.

Meet Romance Author Cynthia Roberts

Coming across authors steeped in the kind of wit that stems from a broad base of experiences is a real treat, and even more of a treat when you learn the author says she’s been writing since a Crayola was placed in her hand.
Cynthia Roberts is the author of Wind Warrior (released June 2010), book one of the Iroquois Series, a historical Indian Romance novel set in the 1800’s. Cynthia also manages the blog The Girlz Korner, posting articles from A-Z for women of all ages. Visit her website to learn about release contests and give-a-ways for Wind Warrior’s upcoming fall promotion.
Interviewed (July 2010) by RYCJ/OEBooks ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------

1. What is it about writing that excites, intrigues you most?
The simple joy in knowing I am creating a world someone can escape to when life isn't playing by the rules.
2. How long did it take you to…

Learning to Say No.

It has taken me a long, long time to work on this one. Some of us are really good at cornering people and forcing them to do things they don’t want to do.
Listen how they work...
“…ool, hey, can you drive Nana over to such and such’s place? I promise it won’t take long, and it’ll be fun… besides, you haven’t spent time with Nana in a long time!”

And then before you can get a good excuse, or protest going, they’ve started your car and practically have shoved both you and Nana inside.

And least we need to be reminded, Nana isn't the Nana who's easy to laugh and vibe with. No, Nana's the Nana who barks at you, doesn't want you to touch her, wanders around so you have go hunting her down... Nana is no easy quick favor. In fact, this Nana hates you.
So How Do We Say No?

A Liberty Declaration

The Valet

I'm sure my brother will appreciate this one. It's another one of our Black Table tales – not included in Black Table, but a tale I think of come every 4th of July when I see pictures of the Liberty Bell.
My brother loves working around wheels. He’s mostly a truck man however, but this time he had a job working downtown Philadelphia (PA) parking cars. I guess it was the closet he could get to working with vehicles on wheels at the time.
So, he was (valet) parking cars when two tourists stopped him to ask directions. They wanted to know in which direction was the liberty bell. My brother looked at them... quizzically... before he answered, "didn't you hear?"