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Building Prospects We Can Depend On

This New Year I’ve been tasked with the resolution: Get Serious!
You play around too much R--. No one is taking you serious. You put people off.

And I go on…keeping right on being me, because I know, and as time will show…perhaps right here in this rez…that I’m hardly laughing inside.
But that’s that, and for now I will keep away from all that, to pull out of the starting gate imparting a few pearls of toil put into achieving my 2011 resolution goals. YAE.

Wait! Hold On! Keep “Those” Gifts!

Here’s what to do with all those gifts you’ve received, but…ah…you didn’t ask for.
Well…first, there are a few things to note and be upfront about here…
A gift is a gift. When you’re younger, gifts of course aren’t looked at like this. I mean, not when you’ve asked for ice-skates, a piano, and a convertible VW and you get to the tree to find Christmas sweaters, leotards, and earmuffs. Well meaning parents might say, ‘you better be thankful. You could have gotten nothing!’ To which I today say…
This sentiment is absolutely correct. I believe it’s a lapse in VERY bad judgment to return a gift. The thought really should count. Unless (of course) the gift-giver leaves coal in your stockings, or perhaps leaves you with another non-returnable gift.
Rarely, if ever, do I return gifts. I’ve been without so I tend to appreciate the smallest gifts, even if…ugh…it may not show all the way. Besides, I hold dear these trinkets I’m about to list, that I’ve found to be within the acceptable realms…