First Date & A Soul Mate

Okay now, this is a little RISKAY, but if it'll help someone find that Valentine soul-mate then Oh man! Let me tell the tale about this first date! 

First is first. Don't read this as if it's about me - okay? I'm only using first person because it reads better that way. ("^") Straight to the chase, the guy was popular. I’ve dated popularity before, but not this type of reputation. My friends were going, “oool…he asked you out…” repeating the same phrase a variation of times. Of course all this oool business has my heart pumping. What should I wear? What should I say? How do I act? What in the hell am I doing? I should’ve said no! This guy is way out of my league!

I can’t even recall what I wore. How I fixed up my hair. If I even washed my face. I was so nervous I left out of the house going as me. Didn’t have a line prepared…a thought in mind…nor a smile to give there were so many jittery bubbles in the pit of my stomach. The thought of messing up crossed my mind too many times. WHAT IF I TOTALLY FUMBLED THIS PASS!?! I’m saying, I went on this date with a fixed (sort of) permanent ‘un huh’ stare.

Okay, so we’re on the date, and I’ll go on and be up front about one small omission. Though I didn’t know it (later learned) I really didn’t have to be concerned about messing up. But I’m omitting these frivolous details since it’s so not the point of this wonderful tale. The point here is we decided to meet up at a public place. There was a reason for this. The guy was performing, which made it unreasonable (for me) to sit through rehearsals and warm ups. Believe it or not, in this twist of irony it was I who ended up being the one totally relaxed, counting up all of his gaffes! Ha.Ha. He was nervous as all get out, (something else later learned) trying to perform with me sitting there in the audience!

Unexpectedly (for me), and I’m sure for him as well, the connection was instant. After the show we didn’t have to say a word. Could read each other’s thoughts. Laughed at the same things. In this twist of irony we ended up connecting with the coils all out there, his flaws being visible…and mines too, my first inspection defining a soul mate.

And setting the story straight…it’s possible to have more than one soul mate as a soul mate can be intimate, or a best friend. Taking a good guess, the number of soul mates it’s possible to connect with depends on what’s hanging around the core of a person. You know, how open and honest a person is… as in do you cover up, or let it all hang out there?