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I Was Gonna...the Long Haul

...My Road to Indie Publishing

In case I neglected to say; I’ve always dreamed of becoming a writer. At four-years old I told my father this, and he told me I didn’t have any experiences. It was the first step toward what I call the long haul… gaining knowledge and wisdom through experiences.

Initially I wanted to pursue journalism, except the experimental road I sojourned didn’t allow me to afford the major universities I wanted to attend. The best I made out with was a business degree, racking up more experiences, going to work for major corporations, though holding on to hope always trying to figure a way in.

Then it happened. When my grandparents passed away my family began publishing a family newsletter, as a way to keep the family together. At the time I lived 3000-miles away from where the newsletter originated, but the moment I saw the newsletter, and such an innocuous opportunity it was, I saw the crack in the door. As one saying goes, a way was made out of no way.

Long story short, through producing our family newsletter I began honing my writing skills and gaining an audience, which fed into many wonderful happenings for my writing career, one being published in Tavis Smiley’s book, Keeping the Faith. Talk about awe-inspiring, this wonderful happening had to be it. Finally, I was published!

I continued reading anything and nearly everything related to the road to publishing (my own work). I hadn’t written any novels just yet, but once more I knew I was gonna. The rulebook/playbooks I came across were huge, and there were many. I learned in great detail about slush piles, and cantankerous zany authors, and how traditional publishers did not work with unknown or unpublished writers. Unknown authors writing fiction could forget it. Traditional presses rarely accepted fiction from unknown authors, whether they had an agent or not. The only way these authors gained access into the world of publishing traditionally was if, and ONLY IF, they came with an audience.

Thanks to this insight, I got it. I would have to build my own brand, and niche, to leverage the readership required to sustain my craft. With this knowledge, rather than futilely exhaust my resources knocking on pent up doors, I elected to take the ‘other’ long haul, by building my own publishing brand—OEBooks, a division of OSAAT Entertainment.

OEBooks, created November 2008, is still in its infantile stages. Although there are eleven titles to its credit, and recognizes a steadily growing audience, it too faces its host of challenges in a vacillating, saturated market. And yet, here’s where I find the greatest reward and reason to cheer. I’ll put it like another old axiom I treasure. Successful publication, whether choosing the traditional path, or the Indie route, requires talent (creativity), persistence (hard work), and luck (timing, or in spiritual overtones, God’s will). And personally, I’m enjoying the journey. It’s like taking a trip to a place where I’ve never been, but dreamed of visiting, and using every moment to make every second I’m in this place count.

My advice to aspiring authors is to read up on the lives of revered authors, and other revered business people for that matter. To be successful in any outfit, you must be in it for the long haul.


  1. RYCJ ~
    I'm on the same road, only not thinking at all of doing any kind of publishing. Nope - I'm at that place of building an audience, so some publisher down the road will stop long enough to consider what I've developed, to at least look at my work.

    One thing for sure...I'm not getting any younger, so we will see. Thank you for laying out the facts so succinctly.


  2. Hey Kathy, whatever you do, enjoy what you're doing. And as for age... PLEASE!!! That's your greatest asset!!! ;-)

  3. RYCJ,

    Congrats on your 11 titles. OEBooks is well on its way to blooming.

    I agree with you--age is an asset. The more life experience you have, the more you can draw from.


  4. Thanks Jason! Which you know, CYA was among my first experience reading YA. Still laugh about that Joe, Bo, Flo rhyming scheme... that part was just too funny.

  5. Yes, Lightman has her moments.

    I'd be happy to send you the 2nd CYA book--The Sext Crime. If you want it, let me know which file format you need it in.

    Take care,

  6. wooo... that one sounds dangerous;-) Is it out in paperback? I really enjoy the way you write. It puts my mind at ease! I'll follow up in email.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this! I love to hear how other writers got their start. I hope that someday I will have a story to tell to a newbie as well! Like you, I have always wanted to write. Now I'm finally gathering the courage to give it an honest try. People like you inspire me to "be in it for the long haul" :-)

    Many thanks for stopping by my blog too....much appreciation! To get the suggestions at the bottom of each blog post go to this site:

    It's totally free, you don't even have to sign up, you just enter your blog info and it will give you the Blogger selection and then presto! "Those you might also like" suggestion will appear.

    I blog hop all the time to figure out how other people are designing their blogs. I have only been blogging since Nov 10', but I have learned a ton of stuff about HTML since then! I'm not technical at all, but I am evolving slowly, thanks to the blogging process.

  8. Stacey, thanks! I've been trying to figure this thing out since I don't know how long. Girl, I owe you one. And from the perspective of your recent post, you'll do fine, though if there's anything you want to ask... remember I owe you one;-).

  9. Hi RYCJ,

    I just found you through Lesa's BBB, and I am very glad that I did. I am starting out the way that you have described ... don't know where I will end up, but I am enjoying the ride. I invite you to visit my blog, which I consider a human interest newsletter with a lot of pictures.

    I am your newest follower, and will be checking back to see what you are up to.

    Take care,

  10. Hi Kathy, and thanks for stopping by. I most certainly will visit your blog. Human interests are big on my interest list, plus any friend of Lesa's is also a friend of mine;-) Her blog is always so friendly, and good HUMORED!


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