MOOD, Madness, and Reading

I started reading Lord Vishnu's Love Handles by Will Clarke a while back. I picked up the book after catching an excerpt of it that sounded fascinating. I think the sort of spy novel description was what wheeled me in. That in conjunction with the laughing I expected to be doing.

So, I start reading the book and learn instantly it’s indeed right up my alley. The writing is plain, and when I say plain, I mean each sentence is civil enough that all levels of comprehension should be able to read from one sentence to the next without feeling lost.

Amid quite a bit of sarcasm the man has a failing business, a wife he suspects of cheating, and a drinking problem. Clear enough. And the way the story is told is not only humorous, but interesting enough that I’m already congratulating myself on what a great eye I have for selecting great books.

And whomp! Here comes blue and purple faces and mystical stuff that says, ‘oh no,’ time to close the book. I did. I closed the book and moved on to other things, albeit, keeping the book near by. The opening was too great to put on my give-away pile.

Well, I’ll be if a day doesn’t come, and I’m talking a day like the other day, when I’ve had enough (and don’t jump to conclusions…there’s nothing written here that says exactly what this enough is), just know I was pushed into a mood that had me rolling over reaching for the sort of spy book.

I love this book! Absolutely love it. Good Greek of Good Gods I couldn’t have found a better time to pick up Lord Vishnu. Yes, I am now cavorting around inside Vishnu’s head, crying laughing to tears. The man is ‘fighting insanity with his bare fist’ and he isn’t winning. Now, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be laughing this hard, but thanks to Lord Vishnu I’m feeling much better.

Great writing. I’ve been touched.