Just What the Doctor Ordered

The best description I got on the matter of inspired creativity, or inspiration, I got from the best-selling author of Eat, Pray, Love. Putting all the tentacles on Elizabeth’s description, the way her portrayal hit my ears when it did, is what I call really stirring. Now of course I can’t recall her words verbatim. My memory bank only chisels out so much... this orb (so-to-speak), coming ashore (let’s say), and how this woman makes a mad dash for her house so that she can be at her desk ready to write when the orb passes through her body. Unbelievable. Until that moment I never ‘actually’ pictured inspiration. But there it was, or is, and by all accounts that I’m familiar with, is exceedingly accurate.

I chose this subject however, because of all anomalies, just when I thought it was going to be a minute before I’d get back to reading, this orb came for me. And just btw us, I’m getting a little tired of the orb. Please don’t tell no one but there have been a few times, okay… so many times… when I’ve blown the thing off… or rather it has blown me over…knocked me down and left me laying in the field where it went off to assail a more appreciative subject. So be it.

This time though, the orb didn’t race along like usual. No, while reclined in one of my favorite positions, on my back and feet kicked up, it doubled back, plucked open my eyes and spent a whole seven days realigning… ugh, my resolve… having me read two books I thought I’d need a minute to read. Still behind, so says Goodreads... something like 16 whole books behind, though none-the-less this great orb has mercifully not given up on me.

Few words describe the phenomenal power of this orb, and yes many, if not everyone has experienced this energy. Phrased in another way… a shorter way… it reminds me of the poem Footprints. Both books, The Man Who Heard Voices by Michael Bamberger and the Sext Crime, by Jason Ancona I read on the heels of Life on the Color Line with not only ease, but relief. Uplifting, no tears whatsoever, lots of creativity amid small surprises, and some really good laugh out loud moments both books are just what the doctor ordered!

So, I’m pushing on… or rather updating my read list, and as well doing a little reading clean-up on the book sites I maintain; Amazon. Goodreads. IndieBound. Shelfari.

And so here's a BIG cheer to ::only:: 75 more books I must read!


  1. Maybe you need a ghostreader! HAHA!!! Well, I thought it was clever!

  2. lol... I think what I really need is a chill pill!

  3. Yes! Take a chill pill! It's not a fatal problem!


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