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My Two Cents...

…not an exaggeratingly pricey tuppence, but then in they way one journalist below researched it, pennies can add up. Mines, and about a good population of ‘others’ imparting our thoughts on noble topics of today… which reminds me, other than the one antiquated poem I wrote titled ‘It’s a Bona Fide Fact…’, I’ve got to post a few tidbits on what research is. For now, I’m throwing my coins on several articles I thought opinion-worthy.

...Such as this one, though Why O Why I insist on clicking on these surveying articles, I don’t know. None-the-less, America’s Most Stressful Jobs 2011 I liked. It reads well-written…Like the journalist did his homework citing cause and association.

…And this one here…Home Ownership Declining Despite Cheapest Prices in 40 Years… Now I remember when folks used to pay off homes, in twenty years or less. At least that’s the way I HEARD it. And I don’t have to do much fact digging either. My grandparents, and great-parents, actually retired in the homes they paid off. Back when homeownership meant just that. Seeing the day when you would actually OWN the home. Of course, before then it was tin cans, mattresses, and working off debts trying to build up enough earnings to ‘pay off’ and own ‘the’ land. I can’t identify what it is now? …Trying to swim against a tidal wave of ‘semi’ real-estate investors? I mean, who’s left to buy if everyone, or almost everyone is selling? And yes, I’ve been sat down to a student desk and lectured final exam-style on home buying. Trust me, wooden pegs for slow-counters and all. Just never picked-up on the concept.

And The Nursery!… oH, how absolutely adorable. Just lovely.

And how about Moonlighting Movie Stars!?! I always liked Travolta. Looks just like a pilot too!

Remember the phrase in the movie Poltergeist, “They’re here…” well, looka here… "it’s coming…” Freedom on the Net 2011.

…And Alright...Okay...I give up! You got me on this one! 19 Ways Laziness is Costing You Money. I would almost want to throw in the pitch about how time is money, too, except I know people who can prove the article is accurate.

Celebrating Thanksgiving is a Must This Year …ump! Aah yah, right. I bet! Though ;-) what's the bet? My 2 cents!?! Terrific photojournalist.

'I'm through,' Palin says ~ There we go… nice vibe in this article.

Ut Oh... Houston? Airlines: No hidden fees. Really? Oh, no wait...I think I see it now... lots of tariff language, decimal points, and streams of numbers, and me wondering if it's the flight information, jet fuel savings, or what!?! I'm in agreement with no hidden fees, but is there anything airlines don't charge for? this is really my style. 2011 World's 50 Best Restaurants... I mean, already it's meticulously quite clear. “I need a vacation!”


  1. I remember when it was pretty common to be able to pay off a home. I actually had mine paid off, but being self employed, we had inadequate health insurance (you wouldn't believe the cost of even high deductible insurance, if you're not part of a group plan!...or maybe you would...). Anyway, my one kid got cancer (worry not, it was the curable kind, and he's ok now), and paying off the deductibles for a few years almost broke us, and we had to take out a loan on the house. Because those years were pretty lean, we screwed our credit up slightly, so the bank's raking us over the coals pretty good on the interest. but that's enough bitchin' from me...sorry, got sidetracked. Great blog! coming here!

  2. KL, first thanks for stopping by! And double thanks for sharing!!

    I'm glad your son is doing well, because you make a very important point. Re-mortgaging homes to cover healthcare (& other urgent) expenses is no small issue. "Most" of my grand and great-grand, and certainly great-great grand (sorry, come from a huge clan;-), but from all the harsh accounts that used to have my eyes doing doughnuts, they didn't seem insurable for much and likewise didn't invest in healthcare.

    So this is a very key point you raised... and I really thank you for sharing it.


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