How Long Should It Take To Write a Blog Post?

This is something I sometimes think about. How long should I spend on writing blog posts? So, as if I even need to type this out, to answer the question this post is going to go faster than any post I’ve ever written before. And it’s going to go fast for two reasons. 1) I’m challenging myself to pull together thoughts in (written format) quicker. And 2) Tonight I’m really pressed for time.

Trying to balance the way I spend my time blogging and socializing, and reading and writing, I started realizing I was spending a little more time than I want blogging. In one way I want the experience (on my end) to be relaxing and easy-going, and not swell myself up trying for perfection. But then at the same time, realizing the business aspect, content and the entertainment factor is very important…that being alongside not giving away too much. No, there’s nothing here truly world saving, and I’m not CNN. It’s just that when I got to scrolling through all the posts I’ve written, but never published, I started picturing me looking up at the calendar on my PC and noticing that 2011 had turned into something like 3034!!!

Here’s to the Top 10 Ways to tell 
I might be spending too much time writing posts.

10. When I actually do look up at the calendar on my PC and it IS 3034!

9. Or how about when it dawns on me I’ve been sitting in front of my PC and haven’t slept all week!?!

8. Or maybe when the little wizard guy pops up on the screen as I’m typing and overrides my sentence with… “that’s enough damn it!”

7. Or how about this one? I open a thank you card thanking me for the lovely wedding gift, and I start wondering when I attended this wedding, much less gave a gift!

6. And then I look at the lovely picture and wonder who is the woman in the picture and why is the groom my husband!!!

5. Should I even ask, “when was the divorce!?!” Did I get that invite too?

4. When whoops…check my blog and see the announcement posted there! Both the divorce and the announcement!!

3. It was one of my top ten popular posts…for the entire year!

2. …but I never remembered writing the post…swearing to blogger I never posted it!

…Yet the number ONE real way to know it’s time to reign it in…

My husband gives me the ultimatum, “…or ELSE!”


  1. Wow, the packing of his suitcases didn't clue you in????

  2. girl, I must have thought he was going on vacation, or a business trip or something......guess I forgot to ask...u know how it is when we're working!!! LoL!!!

  3. Thank you for providing me with a BIG :))) and happy chuckle for the day!!! Tooooooo Funny!!! Love it!!!!

  4. Awlll Kathy, I'm glad you enjoyed it because it's the fastest post I've written yet! Woke me right up;-)

  5. It's one of those things that just flies out of the brain and splatters brilliantly all over the page!!!

  6. LOL! I can totally relate.I agonize over my blog posts forever. great post.

  7. Trying to keep posts under 2 hours writing, no more than 2 more adding pictures and video and links. Ideally, less, but I so want to have good content out there!

  8. Love the humor although I'm quite sure we blogger definitely can relate.

  9. Lately I am also spending too much time on blog posts. At least it feels like too much time compared to other things I'm not doing like laundry or reading. Love the post!

    -Miss GOP (new follower)

  10. It depends: if it's a review, more often than not it takes a couple of hours. I wish it could come effortlessly, but it doesn't :(

    I am trying to spend less time blogging, but inevitably, I end up spending more time reading all of your blogs. Balance isn't so easy to strike.

  11. Thanks All,
    Really glad at least the humor wasn't so bad, and oh, this time it didn't take me as long to write.

    But 2hrs huh?

    Geez, that means I still have a ways to go. Although I wrote the post in 20 minutes, it took that whole two hours to post!

    Miss GOP (that acronym is a hit;-) It's not the first time it's caught my attention, so I'll soon be following you if not already. And thanks for stopping by and reading Jennifer, Che, Beverly, and Sidne!

  12. Girrrllll....I think you need counseling. Maybe there's a blogger support group you need to get with :-)

    But seriously, it is a little addictive. You can't do what single folk do, girl. You've got to report in :-) Maybe limit it to 3 days a week. I need to do that as well but I only post 3 or 4 times a week anyway. But it does take time to do it right.

    You've made me start thinking more about the time spent too though.

  13. Oh, there's no doubt I need counseling! LOL... just not sure I want help. Any time my husband can leave me, and I don't even notice it... there is no way anyone can tell me writing isn't where the joy is at!!!

    Though sniffle, sniffle:-( I now have to allocate some hours on other things. I so sad.


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