Notes of Gratitude.

First, although I placed my interview with @Risque Reviews in the top right side panel of my blog, I sincerely again thank Barb for taking the time to put together a wonderful interview and writing all those nice thoughts about me. It meant a lot; touched me to the core. Here's the link to the interview, just in case it was missed.

As well, thank you DEE @The Water Cooler for Promo'ing my blog. For a change I won something... the Book Zone's Free Promo week... and really appreciate the spotlight.

Lisa Vaughn, thanks for the invite to 'pimp' (lol) my book. Receiving emails like that keeps me smiling, and almost tempted me to retry Facebook. Lisa is the author of The Gifted Ones. One of my all time favorite self-published books!

And Becca Chopra, thanks for your insightful review of Storytella. Hopefully we'll get to chat soon because rumor is... my energy may not be channeling the right place and just maybe some Chakra can help. 

I also must plug in a spot about the ball I had joining the SHEWRITES Bloggers Ball! I'm too grateful for the comments, and friend-connects, and in the process peeping in on quite a bit of inspiring activity going on in the reading, and writing, and blogging communities.

But now here's a contest I'm really going to miss. And I write this with tingling tearful fingers. The Fire Sale Husband Blogfest. No matter what the writing challenge, I'm always eager to try, but this one... and oh good Lord just looking at the picture and you don't even have to own a typewriter but will be tempted to send something in... but this one was saying all sorts of things to me... except... darn it... I couldn't come up with anything to write! I'm blaming it on the picture! The contest ends tonight, July 25, which between now and in ten minutes, I'll need roughly 499 words to qualify.

Yes, yes, yes... indeed there's lots going on in the book blogging world. From everyone who's commented on my blog, to the emails, and the networking on the social outlets, I AM YES, in love!


  1. Oh, happy day!

    Like you, I wanted to do The Fire Sale Husband Blogfest but I couldn't think of even a beginning. I love bloghopping because you meet so many new people. SheWrites is the bomb, isn't?!

  2. You're welcome! I hope that some of my readers showed you some love?

    I missed this SheWrites ball but my first was a really great experience.

    BTW...I love your review rating I'm sending my next book for

  3. I know Tosh, so many possibilities...but I just couldn't figure out how to sell my hubby and not have to return any monies. haha... I'm sooo kidding. I'm sure someone will try to take him off my hands for FREE!

    And Dee, do let me know when your book comes out, though I'm also going to take a look at the book you have out now. I'm curious to find out what online dating 'shenanigans'? you may have run into. ;-)

  4. Hi RYCJ. I'm taking my Review Stroll today. nice and slow. taking my time to read thoroughly and comment. Its wonderful that you are showing how grateful you are for those that have assistant you. like the new blog look. got your comment, lol, a Scathing Reviewer. actually i follow one titled Scathing Weekly, but she is very tactful. lol

  5. Come up with anything by Friday the 27th, I'll still take it! (And that goes for the rest of you, too!) Poem, true life experience, fiction... but I can't join everything, myself.

  6. Sidne, girlllll, all I can say is I hollered when I saw that comment. I had to sign off and go get me some work done. I'll check the Scathing Weekly, and thanks for the compliment.

    ...And Beverly... now SEE what you made me do;-)

    Oh, and Wendy... hope you're checking here (too) because I left a comment on the posts you commented on;-) Thanks for the friend add. And I like your blog!

  7. My dear it was a pleasure to interview you. I had loads of fun and my words came easy, because their true and came from the heart. In this world it's hard to connect with people. I'm glad we did. Thanks to all that stop by to read and post their comments too!! It was great hearing from all of you and I'm so glad you enjoyed it!!

    "The role of a writer is not to say what we can all say, but what we are unable to say."
    — Anaïs Nin

  8. LOL...I ran into the Press n Fade, and I'm not talking 'bout hair, the Age is Just a Number baby, ergo the book and so much more.


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