Raw & UnCut

A Little Some of Me

I'm still working on my audio books, trying to get all of my work on audio, but for the interim of time I went ahead and had a snippet of my poems uploaded to my website.  Tried to get it on my blog, but took a minute too long to get it to work. 

At any rate it's raw, and uncut, but should give some idea of my rhythm and style.

Click the LINK. And/or go to the WORK PAGE.


  1. Do your thang, over there in Philly, girl!. You've inspired me as well. Love your work and of course, that attitude and knowingness in your voice. Great rhythm (had the darnest time trying to spell that word).

    Are you selling audio too or is that promo for your site?

  2. I know...rhythm gets me too...kinda glad these systems have spell check now, otherwise that's one word I'd have to tear out of the dictionary and keep somewhere close by. LOL.

    But thanks Tosh, and yeah it's just a promo. Just pulled a few pieces out of my poetry book to give a little idea (per request;-) of GEM's rhythm;-)

  3. Thanks Lola. I enjoyed your blog as well. Looking forward to visiting again!

  4. I've been trying to listen but link isn't working. Is it my computer?

  5. Hi Val... on the work page click the icon furthest to the right.
    thanks for stopping by.

  6. Thanks I got it finally. I enjoyed your poem very much.Thanks for sharing.


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