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So in Love Thanks Jill!

Had to throw that one out there first. Gosh, I love her music! And I am So in Love. So in Love with my Family. So in Love with my Work. And So in Love with Myself! ...Aaaaaaah! So go get that tune to be in love too!

So you must know how my weekend went. Ha Ha. Let's see...

I started in on Don Lemon's memoir. I'm almost near to the middle of a small book and, so far, everything reads quite pleasant. Not that I wanted lights, cameras and action, but I actually picked up the book after catching a headline on an interview he'd done. I looked forward to reading a direct, however journalistic, memoir... something that might open the platform he mentions in the beginning of his story. Again, I'm not finished reading what is so far a pleasant read, and thus not sure what I'm feeling here...

Which brings me to the matter of prim and proper decorum versus the raw and brassy dress-downs. Perhaps taken from my father's lead, while loud sometimes gets too noisy, I can always say one thing about those who you always hear, thus see... well, you always hear and see them. It's that silence that hides and thus buys into a lot of what I've known in one of the issues presented in Lemon's memoir.

What else have I've been reading? A Few Inspiring Blog Posts!

10 Steps To Writing Irresistible Content That Everyone Wants To Share
by Guest Author David Santistevan

...and yes, oh how I laughed. A great tickle here. Nothing to See Here But Pictures of a Really Fat Cat

...and again, the humor not lettin' up! My Children are Perfect, What the hell happened to yours?

...and had to throw this one in, just for that first tick mark. Sidne is good people. Blog Hops and Other Tidbits

Won't drag this on since what I really want to splash over this page I can't. All I can say is I feel like dancing on a table. Yes, that's find me a real good pair of stilettos, hop on a table, and dance til the table legs, or my legs...ha ha... give way. Yeah! So, thanks for all this great inspiration! I Am So in Love!!!


  1. "My Children are Perfect, What the hell happened to yours?"

    That is a t-shirt slogan if I ever heard one, but since I assist in the youth ministry at my church, you can understand why I'd have to put duct tape over the "what the hell happened to yours" part. LOL.

    R...I can always count on your blog for a funny, keep-it-real post. Before I began suffering from brain-deadery and have so much happening that I'd rather sleep than write (I know..GASP!) I used to be a pretty funny lady too. Maybe I will be again, but in the meantime, I'll continue reading and laughing at other people's humor.

  2. Awll, thanks D- I'm glad you're finding the humor and do know I'm always keeping you and your mom in my thoughts.


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