Yes I did. I had to check the spelling of the word. And before anyone gets to assuming, the reason I had to check the spelling is because spell-check doesn't work when typing in CAPS. 

That out of the way, and before I loose my good thought, I had gotten into a pretty nice size dispute with someone very near and dear to me, when halfway out of my huffy suit I realized, 'ut oh...' and no I wasn't exactly wrong, but just didn't realize how soon I was going to need him to do me a big favor.

Well, because I've been embarrassed SO MANY TIMES, it wasn't overly difficult to crawl back over to him and with the sad apologetic smile ask for this favor. Thinking about that incident got me to thinking about shame from another perspective.

No one, or should I say, not many people enjoy being embarrassed. You cringe. Your face warms up. You feel like melting into the floor. You just want to run out of a door, if there is one nearby, and erase your whole life. Many of us have probably been in this spot. But for me, after being embarrassed so many times, I'm just about numbed by it. And too, after asking 'You Know Who' why!?!... since it wasn't as if I challenged the clock pulling all-nighters trying to make a fool of myself, I actually received the counseling that helped me better manage this factor. I was quite surprised by the fairly decent answer I got back.

Embarrassment helps you get over yourself. Before I would be afraid of making a mistake, as if I was already perfect and would stay that way. I wouldn't raise my hand for fear of asking a dumb question. And actually took stock in one of Abe Lincoln's quotes, "It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt."

Sorry Abe. I know what you meant but umm... another image came to me. I mean, on that quote it's like half of the respondents returning a test with all the wrong answers, and the other half returning the test, blank. Using that analogy, would it really matter which group you were a part of? And as such, and thus...

My Premier Commandment on Embarrassment

Learn to laugh at yourself.


  1. I'm really good at that assignment. In fact, one of the many unfinished books I'm working on is a book entitled "It Could Only Happen to Me." Because I'm sure (tongue in cheek) that no one else has walked out of their underwear while walking down the street, locked their keys in the car with the engine running, or woke up to a bat flying around their bedroom.

  2. P.S. Did you and do you make the lovely and whimsical picture illustrations that accompany your posts?

    This one especially, was waaaay cool and I want some! LOL

    (Feel free to delete this once you've read it.)

  3. Oh Noooooo!!! Hahahaaa!!! Not you too! So many times I started to tell that one on me where I walked out of my slip!!! I couldn't figure out what that was twisted around my ankles... looked down... and just stepped right out of it and kept walking. But your underwear!?! Oh my, now you've got me crying laughing.

  4. ...I got your other comment...LOL...
    the answer: yes...and okay;-)

  5. Yes, girl...the elastic gave out and on a hot and glorious sunny day, yours truly walked them right down her legs, stepped out of them, didn't look left nor right to make eye contact and kept on walking. Thank God I'd slowed down on my bottom breaker mini skirts/dresses by that time.


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