Literal Memorabilia

the beholder

With my eye on literary matters, I have a few links to share.

First, what got all this started was happening to notice Punk Kitty Diddy had been on her blog here recently. Every time she jumps on (her blog), and I notice, which isn’t frequent, I hear Pavlov's bell ringing... “Read it! Read it. Read all about it!" - sorry. Old favorite lit line. But here's the link, in case you want to read it too. "I Don't Know How She Does It" 

I happened on this one, one day too. Or rather it happened on me. Found it in my email inbox. Amazon in talks to launch digital book library: report (interesting)

Now this one don't have nothing, on the outset, to do with lit per say, except that this list ironically matches my style. And before you get to clicking, and wondering, and asking why I'm not already on Fortune's list; know they couldn't squeeze all of us on the list. Getting a grip on power: 10 tips for a successful career.

I also must plug a few blogs. Baja Greenawalt's Cozy Book Nook, Lari is Writing, and @Books Kids Like... these ladies; librarians, educators, and the ultimate of book enthusiasts, are amazing literary collectors. You must check out the Bargain Book Bonanza, and read what the librarian is reading, and take a look @BooksKidsLike heavy collection of YA reads. These are book buffs who I’m sure if you’re looking for a certain book, they will track it down, and probably at a bargain price. I do keep them within sight.

Feeling Overwhelmed? Stop by Forked Nighties Blog. Much can be found reading over there.

Now one of my all-time delightful email inbox crusaders was 10 of Literature's Most Notoriously Incomprehensible Classics. This was the one email that just about did it for me, because if there is one thing about me and lit, and that is the same thing that got me caught up in the reading and writing to begin with. A challenge. And this is exactly the type of lit challenge I enjoy taking on. I mean really? Someone's written a classic that's stumped the masses?


  1. Funny, it's almost 1am here in Australia and I thought, 'I haven't 'seen' RYCJ in ages. I wonder what she's up to?' And you had made mention of Baja in your latest post. Serendipity at work, right here in the blogosphere.

    I had a look at those incomprehensible classics (at least the first 4 or so) and have decided that my poor brain doesn't need THAT much of a challenge. Good on you if you have a go!

  2. Wow, that is serendipity, and too funny..."my poor brain doesn't need THAT much of a challenge..." So that's it... what's wrong with me...I think you've helped me solve another challenge.

    DeLynne, thanks for dropping in. I think about, and peek in on you all frequently. Just don't get to participate because that's where I'm challenged!


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