Reading, Writing & Mood Swings

So I'm flipping through OEBooks Book Blog, peeping in on topics I've posted, trying to decide what it is I haven't written about that I...ugh...want to write about. That's one thing about blog writing that somewhat puts the play on the damper, despite wanting to really play in the experience. And I am NOT saying blog writing is NOT fun. It often is. However, at the same time I am very selective about what I post, which at times does add to the challenge. I want original, LIGHT, fun content that focuses on reading, writing, and a little bit of me.

That said... and back to the subject at hand, I'm flipping through posts when I could swear I'm seeing this one word jumping out at me one too many times not to recognize I might have a problem. I don't, at least I don't think I don't have a problem, but maybe I just might. ← haha... how's that for a little artistic writing.

The word that keeps jumping out at me is MOOD. Once upon a time I didn't like the word. People kept calling me moody, to which I highly disagreed. 99% of the time (and I know I shouldn't start a sentence with a number like that) but ninety-nine percent of the time (in the company of others) I'm laughing and acting silly. Okay, so maybe my humor is a little dry. But I like to think I'm laughing and enjoying the company around me. That lonely little 1% of the time when Cancer the Crab comes out, is not when I'm moody, but rather very attentive (let's say) about an issue in my immediate vicinity.

But then my blog is littered with mood swings which I argue, I shout, I raise my voice to admit, based on the evidence right here before 'us', 100% of the time I'm not around 'others', but doing what I enjoy most, Reading and Writing, which albeit does affect my mood, something like 100% of the time.

Now, I don't know if anyone hears it, but this argument sounds as if my words are clashing. It's the reason I took issue with being acquainted with the word mood in the first place. To me, moodiness reminded me of someone switching temperaments without reason or cause. Someone pent up and bottled up one minute, dejected and sad the next, jolly for a few unhealthy minutes, and the next thing you know, they're running around shouting the world is coming to an end. I'm not like this, not even when I'm reading and writing.

For me, and the reason I have graced my blog with this now wonderful word, is because mood is a romantic venture. I get to go places I've never been. See subjects I've never seen. And do things I've never done. I get to take a long tour around myself, and experience other writers doing the same. And yes, I laugh, and cry, and get surprised, and awed, and inspired, and sometimes a little miffed and angry too. But this is a beautiful fixation. It's quiet, and peaceful, and harmoniously balanced. And personally, anything that's swinging... oh never mind... think I better stop here while the mood is swinging on a high note.


  1. You know, blogging and writing are separate entities, so it does get challenging in what to blog about. And yes, it's a mood thing too because I was feeling kinda low last week and in lifting myself up, trying to find something to make myself laugh a bit. Worked for a minute though. All in all, it's WORK.

  2. Hey there stranger, and tell me about it! Now that I'm thinking on it, blogging is actually more challenging than either writing, or reading, though it's more fun.

    Well wait, blogging is more fun than writing...the real work, but not more fun than reading;-)

  3. That's why i've decided to limit my personal blog to one post a week its just so difficult at times to blog creatively on demand. So I give myself time to spot good post ideas so i can be proud when i post them. Sometimes my posts are just about me shouting from the mountain top about how miserable life is at that moment but normally feel to guilty to have that post hanging around for a week and i quickly put together a more upbeat one two days just can't

  4. Ha! Funny... shouting from a mountain top! When I get to feeling blue, or angry, I give myself a time out and catch up on some sleep!!! I have to admit however, I have posted a few posts where I do some of that 'quick throwing something on top of it' just so I don't have to keep looking at it;-)


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