To the Contrary...

I'm musing on a topic that has cropped up more than on a few occasions on the book social forums. It's that thing about speed-reading. When I first moseyed over to online book activities and caught sight of the large availability of books, I must say speed-reading didn't have all that bad of a ring. I can't count, and really still can't count the number of books I want/ed to read. It's like walking up to an all-you-can-eat buffet of seafood. Scallops, crabs, lobsters, shrimp, and! Boiled, broiled, shelled and skinned, dipped in batter and fried...oh man! Yum...Yum!!!

Initially when I started buying books, that being as opposed to checking them out of libraries, I did quite a bit of skimming, looking for convincing clues before making the purchase. Synopsis, maybe the author's blog or website, just something that would give me an advance hint of either the author's wit, or writing style. For the times I was disappointed, wanting to squeeze at least a dime out of the investment, I thought about speed-reading. Maybe I could figure out how to skim the book so that I wouldn't feel as if I wasted my money. I can't even attempt to do this with food. It either is, or it isn't. No in between growing there.

But then it didn't work when I tried it with reading either. Nine out of ten times I dozed off, or thought about dozing off. And on the rare occasions when I wasn't nodding off, or thinking about nodding off, I was doing that thing I frequently do. Thinking. Thinking about why would I want to rush through reading a book.

Curling up in bed, or on the sofa wrapped up in a fluffy blanket, or reclined in my favorite chair, sometimes sitting straight up at my desk, or standing outside (once in the rain), as I sink between the folds of a book is the whole point of reading.

I mean, there are some things you just don't rush through. Life should be one, and reading for me is the other. (Food now might be the third). Rushing through reading has to be like rushing through a vacation. Who, or rather why on earth would anyone want to do that? Nudge the pilot to crank up the aircraft's speedometer to get us to our destination quicker, but please don't rush the pleasure.

All that to say this. My appetite for reading remains constant, however my want list is still increasing. I think my mood is ripe for Fate is the Hunter, next up to read. I have my fingers crossed on, Come on People. And I'm really rooting for How Do Rumors Get Started. I hear the book, about the rise and fall of a mid 80's rap entrepreneurial group, has a humorous slant. I'm hoping my reading experience balances out the fall. Shit My Dad Says I've added on my next up to read pile too. Sometimes I need to laugh about something that means absolutely nothing. Hopefully this book will provide that laugh. And, The Last Train from Hiroshima I've had on my wishlist for over a year (I think). Finally the price dropped from $1??.00 down to a price I could afford. So in the cart this 'puppy' went too.

Growing up they used to tell me to eat all my spinach. It was the 'only' way I would grow to be strong and healthy. Come to find out, it was only half the truth. Though I love spinach today, I actually grew up alright without it. What helps most, especially nowadays, is taking my time to eat balanced meals. Taking time to taste the food, and not rushing through meals.

Next up. Things I have given up trying to work at.


  1. Well written argument about savoring every aspect of life.

    When choosing a book (hard copy) I still go by cover photo, excerpt in front, synopsis and last few pages. (cause if it doesn't end how I want it to, that's a huge waste of money in my eyes.)

    I refuse to pay for unpredictable endings, I get that every day in real life. I know what I like (to read) and I choose it, on purpose...don't be trying to give me what I didn't ask for. lol

    So romance and mysteries together? Authors, quit it!

    *steps off of soap box and kicks it under desk*

  2. Hey Lady, thanks for this! haha...*steps off of soap box and kicks it under desk*

    ...& don't forget me. Tried taking your advice, but couldn't, so I'm still plucking away at it;-) that I'll have your eyes on it, I don't want you sending it back to me telling me to Quit it! LOL.

  3. LOL. Picturing you madly cutting and pasting. Will you feel better if I say that I was referring mainly to formula type romances like harlequins and the black version(the name which now escapes me) which never made it off the ground for me.

    I have read the same from Michael Baisden and Gloria Mallette which were quite enjoyable. (I would have considered offing the husband in her book as well!)

    In fact I'm quite upset that Michael Baisden is no longer writing...but then, I'd have to crawl under the desk for my soap box, so Imma leave that alone!

    LOL...have a beautiful day!

  4. Michael Baisden has novels out!?! Heard about one book, but don't think it was a novel. And I wish it was a matter of cutting and pasting. You'd been done read it and told me to Quit it. LOL!

  5. You are not aware of Michael Baisden's novels? OMG!

    There's Men Cry in the Dark, God's Gift to Women (OMG that one was GOOD! The depth of perception and sensitivity portrayed in this one made me wonder a lot about all the drama and hype he's always promoting on his show...which is the real Michael?)

    I Didn't like Maintenance Man...I couldn't get past the topic. (Can't remember if I'd started attending Bible School around then or sanctimonious hat mighta been a lil tight or it just might not have been my cup of tea. Not willing to read it again to find

    Didn't read Never Satisfied: How and Why Men Cheat.

  6. Looked Baisden's books up last night. Thanks for the synops...and again LOL to "my sanctimonious hat mighta been a lil tight." If only you would write one of these novels! I swear I'd buy them all.

  7.'re welcome.

    I don't think I have the stamina for a novel, I have 3 or 4 starts languishing by the wayside. I do have few flash memoirs written that read like novels. If I can figure out a way to splice them into a novel I

    I'll dig them out of the land of archivedom and send you the links later.


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