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How to Handle a To-Do List… you know what you're doing. Now, if you haven't believed a word I've thus far written on this blog, you must, and I stress this bending over backwards, you must believe I know what I'm talking about here. This one is my specialty. Handling a to-do list like never heard of, or done before.

First, let me tell you what I got myself into. Yes, I thought, why not host a book club. Reading is important to me, and so why not socialize with others who enjoy reading as well. That's why when I heard about Mocha Girls growing chapters in California, and branching out across the country, I said again, why not? Why not add one more little check box to my to-do list to host a chapter right here in Philly, Pa.?

If you are in the area, and interested in reading or talking about books, visit Mocha Girls Philly to add another check box to your 'must-do' list. The kick-off meet-up will be December 10, 2011 *1805 Walnut Street Rittenhouse Square, Phila, PA * 11:30am – 1:00pm. Thereafter, and please do not write this in stone just yet, I expect we'll host online meet-ups to accommodate busy schedules, including that of my own.

And with that, here's how to tackle a to-do list with skill and finesse.

Stare at your to-do list for at least 15-minutes a day envisioning everything on it happening in real time. This here is your finesse because if you’re anything like me, you'll be smiling as you're staring, thinking 'ain't no way even half of this is getting done.’

And right here is where you can start crossing things off the list... the skill part. For instance, can't squeeze in writing 5000 words a day on a book, then trim it down to 2500, and think 'writing any amount of words a day, to include one, is better than writing none.' ✓mark for Rhonda right here!

What about cleaning? Has someone, or something been pestering you about those pesky household chores...need to wash the car, dust!, sweep, vacuum, mop, clean... clean...clean!?! Just remember. Household chores are not like people with feelings. You have far more important things to attend to. Anything that's lying around on the floor or piling up on desks and tables won’t go nowhere. Trust me on this. Chores will hang around until the end of time. So there is absolutely no need to worry about neglecting them. You can go on and do like I skillfully do and ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ ✓ these babies right off the list.

Anything on the list that starts with CALL... check those off too. You won't be calling, but rather sending an email. And so gimme some more ✓'s here too.

Whatever you do, Do Not add anything to the list where you will be required to take notes, or where there is the high likelihood that someone will be there taking notes, not unless you enjoy creating lots of to-do lists.

Above all else, get in the habit of fancifying your check marks. It’ll sprucen up your creative skills and least I need to even mention, it'll give your to-do list a much better feel and look.

And so you see...for anyone who handles a to-do list with as much skill and finesse...oh nevermind... just add this one little thing to your to-do list and come on out to chat about books.


  1. I need to clean up but I just won't at the moment. I've got momentum for other matters right now. You know how that goes.

    Look, I think the whole Mocha deal is a good one but what about an online group through Skype? I can't make it to Philly and plus, it's cold as all get out for these southern bones of mine. Plus, I'm due to go over the waters next month. I'm gonna need to connect in some literary way with other folk. Whatcha say?

  2. ROTFLMHO!!!!! I'm in Whitehall but with no car traveling to Philly sounds like making a trip to, picture the two of us in the same room. I heckle myself, muchless

    I'm down for the online thingy though, as long as it's not on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday night! *giggle*

  3. Well looka here. My two best favorite blog friends. Now Tots, are you saying I should add a 3rd column on my to-do list? ...just as you're about to skip across the waters?

    And Dee, you my friend are in LUCK! You know I (also) got other things to do at night!

    Man do I feel so lucky having so many good friends. Look out for my next post. It's going to be all about my best friends;-)

  4. Well, would it be a third column or revising what's already in place?

  5. Yes, it would mean a 3rd column because Mocha Girls isn't run by me.

  6. Hey girl! This post was written for me. I love making list and cleaning is always on it. I would love to have a some Samantha from Bewitch right now. So I could wiggle my nose and it's clean. Then I could check it off.

    @Totsymae I am setting up the online part of the book club for the first Saturday in the month. It will be with a company called and we are getting it ready for January 2012 kick off.

    @RYCJ I am tickled pink about Philly book club. Trust me you will have tons of ladies and a few more things on your list. But I will try to take as many off as possible.

  7. Cool!
    If you need to email me, I'm at

  8. Hey Mocha! Glad you enjoyed this one. Never thought about Bewitch but soon as I read your comment I thought, 'that's it!' That's what I wished I could do.

    ...and really appreciate your help with the BC, which on that note, pls see my email;-) Think I'm having heart palpitations.

  9. the book club idea is a real awesome one. I'll be keeping tabs on your posts about it for sure.


  10. I'll actually be in Philly up from DC the week before the Mocha Girls event. Any independent bookstores I should check out while I'm there?

  11. Hey Wendy...yes, I expect to learn of many new great reads out here. Looking forward to the experience!

    And Shannon, thanks for stopping by! Hope you enjoy your visit. Here are a few links; which thanks for the mental jog! These will be just as much to my benefit...

  12. LOL. Awwwww...Looking forward to online high jinks and your post about best friends. I do have a good, what I'm thankful for post brewing at the back of my head. Plus I wanna get adventurous and dress up two of my essays/dramedies into short story/booklets to release in Nook, Kindle and iBookstore format for by next weekend that I could use your input on.

    I'm checking out! ROTFLMHO

  13. Yes...I caught a clip of your thankful post but didn't get to read it yet. I have to skip on over there. And how about that...BlackandNobel!?!
    O-Rig-Gin-Nal...I'm saying.


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