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3-D Glasses & Banned Books?

It has to be ironic how little to no language I've devoted on banned books. In comparison to the shear exasperating number of times I've come across the headline, and two-stepping with the quaint amount of time I've spent looking into the subject, along with brushing brazenly against the mature themes I write on, and still no deep feelings or thoughts about the matter? I'll say it's ironic.
But today flavorpill drops me an email, 10 Fantastic Banned Books That Talk About Sex, and I finally thought... why not? And please, let's play nice and have a little fun. You may even want to pull out a pair of 3-D glasses. Which speaking of 3-D glasses, I have to plug this little tale... a tale that clinging-ly clones to the irony of why I never developed hardened thoughts on banned books.

Reading, Writing & Mood Swings

So I'm flipping through OEBooks Book Blog, peeping in on topics I've posted, trying to decide what it is I haven't written about that I...ugh...want to write about. That's one thing about blog writing that somewhat puts the play on the damper, despite wanting to really play in the experience. And I am NOT saying blog writing is NOT fun. It often is. However, at the same time I am very selective about what I post, which at times does add to the challenge. I want original, LIGHT, fun content that focuses on reading, writing, and a little bit of me.
That said... and back to the subject at hand, I'm flipping through posts when I could swear I'm seeing this one word jumping out at me one too many times not to recognize I might have a problem. I don't, at least I don't think I don't have a problem, but maybe I just might. ← haha... how's that for a little artistic writing.

Literal Memorabilia

With my eye on literary matters, I have a few links to share.

First, what got all this started was happening to notice Punk Kitty Diddy had been on her blog here recently. Every time she jumps on (her blog), and I notice, which isn’t frequent, I hear Pavlov's bell ringing... “Read it! Read it. Read all about it!" - sorry. Old favorite lit line. But here's the link, in case you want to read it too. "I Don't Know How She Does It"

SHEWRITES Blogger's Ball #7 – YipYip HOORaY!!!

I think Meg Waite Clayton, who takes time out of her very literate busy schedule to host this ball, must really see me over here toggling this and that. Seems like it never fails, just when I'm about to drop a ball, up pops Meg hosting a ball. Of course, and please know, I don't really believe this. I already know the blogger balls come highly requested by SHEWRITERS, but can't deny that I, too, love the timing of each one thrown.
With over $#!$# projects going, not inclusive of other dependabilities begging my attention, I tried to avoid putting up the old 'Away on Vacation' notice. And rather than explain any more of that here, let me jump right into blasting this small pep of encouragement for those steeped in the writing process, and to writers everywhere.
If you're starting to hear a little whining about the time you spend writing, and blogging, to this is what I have to say. "Write on Writers." To my family, and perhaps to those who've been…


Yes I did. I had to check the spelling of the word. And before anyone gets to assuming, the reason I had to check the spelling is because spell-check doesn't work when typing in CAPS. 
That out of the way, and before I loose my good thought, I had gotten into a pretty nice size dispute with someone very near and dear to me, when halfway out of my huffy suit I realized, 'ut oh...' and no I wasn't exactly wrong, but just didn't realize how soon I was going to need him to do me a big favor.
Well, because I've been embarrassed SO MANY TIMES, it wasn't overly difficult to crawl back over to him and with the sad apologetic smile ask for this favor. Thinking about that incident got me to thinking about shame from another perspective.

Reading Confessions Part #2

I think I've gone over this before, but in continuance of adding on more of my reading confessions I will reinsert how my adulation for reading developed, grew wings, and took flight. 
…by scampering and scuttling around libraries, scavenging hunting true stories; bios, history, war, and true crime... and now I'm at memoirs.
The reason memoirs and true accounts enamor me is because I find many contain genuinely unique stories and perspectives. More poignantly it's something like visualizing, and please pardon me... this is about to get a little graphic as I describe this great mountain. A mountain I'll call Our Climb.

Fabulosity Nouveau Chats with RYCJ

Some things, unapologetically frankly, are worth the wait. Memoirs aren't the only way to gain insight into the human drive. Blogging and social-networking is fast becoming a heavy contender. And thanks to book bloggers, and readers and reviewers like Wendy Ewurum, enhances the joy.
Wendy, who blogs and review books on Fabulosity Nouveau, introduces herself as first "I am like no other." Secondly, "I am a mother." And then third tickled me to tears, "I am a wife to a man that I think God decided in a moment of generosity: "well if she is to marry, I'll let her have this one. I've fortified him with enough resilience to take her eccentricities without inflicting mortal wounds."'