Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nodding Along...

Seriously... it's been a week of nodding along over here. That's what happens when I'm thinking far faster than I can type, and typing so fast I forgot what I was thinking. All teasing aside, all I can do when this happens is sit back and see (and sometimes read) articles sifting by, and hear comments here and there, but do nothing but nod along and think, 'yes, I agree.'

So let me get on with the post to drop this one quick in-passing quote that had me nodding along... coming to me from of all places, Flavor Pill. Wow, the irony. To the question: 'What, exactly, is outsider art?' here's the quote that had me nodding along, agreeing.

"It's a pejorative term and it's terrible because it reduces the price of very good artists. The self-taught artists that I deal with are honest people. I've been a collector for many, many years, and I know the difference between contrived art and non-contrived art. I love the fact that these people don't have any boundaries, that they haven't been taught what the end of the envelope is. They've got something in their mind, and they have to create it. You don't go to school to learn how to do this. You either have it or you don't, and that's what turns me on."  — George Viener, Owner of Outsider Folk Art Gallery

(Now wasn't that a nice quote? Here's the link to the full post.)

Think tomorrow I'll try to write a post titled; 'Writing on E!'


  1. Things that make you say, HMMMMM!!!
    Did you get my inbox on Book Blogs?

  2. I love that quote too and I think the same applies to poetry for me. I think I'll send you some pics by SA artists too sometime. I've found some great ones since I started buying last year.

  3. Sidne - No, I didn't. Send me an email; so I can reply back. I'm like you, I rarely check Book Blogs if it requires logging on.

    And Hi Wendy. Poetry is a delicate small animal for me, but art I love. Let me see what you have. Maybe I'll find a piece I just have to have... to frame and put up on one of my walls.