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OEBooks Gets Not One, Not Two, but Three Awards!

Someone, somewhere has to be saying... please don't give that woman a microphone and ask her to talk about herself. But someone did, and I've done just cleared my throat, however before I get going, and if you've been reading this blog, you will find that I am a tenacious supporter of writers, authors, bloggers, and reading communities in general. In other words, I'm not like that. It's really not all about me, though too, and only if you've been reading along, you'll know I have this 'dry' wit about me that enjoys this kind of teasing. Essentially making fun of myself.

I only wished I could've come up with the inventive way bev, who's awarded OEBooks these three awards, created in introducing '7' things about herself. That was great!

Thanks bev, for the Sisterhood of Bloggers, Tell Me About Yourself, and Liebster Blog Awards.

The Rules – Thank the person who nominated me, tell seven things about myself, and then nominate seven recipients (for the first two awards, and five for the Liebster Blog Award).

Again, thanks bev! Bev is over there at the Black Ink Paperie ~ one of my now favorite humor blogs. The mast heading is simply understated beauty, and take a look that June 20th post. You don't even have to read the post, which I did, which I still haven't stopped laughing, but just take in that photo for sec... and then the caption... and oh my..., then read the post. I truly love the humor. The Paperie is my morning boost to get up and put a positive spin on my mood for the day.

For Sisterhood of Bloggers Award I nominate the following seven women who I've come to respect through their work, or as a blogger friend. (To get the jpeg image for either award, visit Black Ink Paperie linked above... and here.

Lisa Vaughn @ The Gifted Ones
Barbara Mazzuca @ Risque Reviews
Alasha Bennet @ the Dating Mechanic
Dee S. White @ the Book Zone
Peaches Ledwidge @ Conceive Writing

For Tell Me About Yourself Award I'm awarding the following women who I 'TRULY' want to know "7" things about them.

Regina @ Write On Time
The Girlfriend Mom @ The Girlfriend Mom

The Liebster Blog Award is an award for blogs with under 200 followers. Liebster is German for "beloved," and a blog nominated for this award is "worth watching."

I nominate the following 5 blogs:

Zoe Brooks @ Books & More
Kathryn's Inbox @ A Cooler Kind of Book Blog (Join She Writes, if you haven't already)
Everyday Underwear @ this woman has received many, many awards, and if you stop by her blog, you'll quickly see why.

Tellin' Several More Things About Me
  1. I've never been a morning person, which now boils down to getting less than eight hours sleep... and I guess I better add ~ a night.
  2. Fall is my favorite season.
  3. Reading memoirs and listening to music is where I get most of my inspiration, and energy.
  4. I now have NOT turned on the television (in my room) in almost two years!
  5. Black is my favorite color. Orange, red, and yellow are my least favorite.
  6. I've written and published "3" new books this year. The "4th" book... a poetry is a little behind schedule, but will be in print next month!
  7. My personality type is INT(and take your pick). I've taken the test twice; first time P; second time J; but both times INT.


  1. well, i had to remove my first comment because it had so many spelling mistakes. so here it is again

    jesus, we're going to have to get married if you keep saying nice things about me. seriously you deserve these awards and hundreds others. the support you have shown me has started a little writer fire in me and i thank you for that.
    ps can't wait to visit all of these blogs

    1. oh bev, i'm looking forward to the marriage... just so long as you don't hit me with 3 awards at once again. i don't know how long it took you, but it took me hours to follow through on the directions... and let me tell you, it wasn't pretty, excluding how so thoroughly I proved how directionally challenged I am.

      But thank you, and please keep the posts coming. I really enjoy your stories, and writing.

  2. Thank you very much for visiting my Blog and granting me the award.
    Unfortunately I'm going through some hard time and have stopped writing for now, but I will be back very soon I hope. I will certainly thank you on my next post, maybe end of next week. Thanks again <3

    1. You're welcome, and thank you for friending me. I've been wanting to acknowledge the connect, but must apologize again for not picking the best time. So thanks for stopping by.

    2. It's in those darkest times, that we really need to be noticed, that we need to connect with others, so no need for apologies. On the contrary, thank you <3

  3. Thanks for the sisterhood award. You know you're getting nominated right back, right? lol. 3 books this year, I love it!

    1. You're most welcome. Some blog friends/sisters I really treasure, and you my dear are one! As for those 3 books this year... I love them too, but btw, it was not done without a whole lot of tears! The whole time I was always one keystroke away from closing this blog, which ended up with me having to drop everything to get them done!

      Thanks for dropping the comments though.


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