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Updates Galore

As I've learned, long before proven, the nature of publishing is bedding grounds for springy timelines and expectations. In other words, a few projects, such as my website and latest poetry book, are still in production. Thankfully, in lieu of the full plate (of loose ends and new ends) I'm looking at un-plaiting, ironically makes this timeline look as if it's running right on schedule. Both website and book will be out and available soon.

Inside 'A Blast From the Past' (my new poetry book!) are over 86 New Poems, in addition to several pieces of self-imposed art I managed to scrawl out. Yes, in some much-enjoyed downtime I came up with 'The Girl's Got' Collection of drawings. The caption is a clip of one, and below is a clip of a meandering inside the book... in celebrating an upcoming birthday.

The Age Gap Rap

At 10 was the dawning of losing my childhood innocence
By 20 I was looking forward to becoming a legal adult
(Oh, do I ever STILL remember the night I celebrated turning 21!)
Though, turning 30 I realized I was at the tip-top of 'the' hill
Bringing me to 40 when I became inexorably depressed
But 50! Holy Thou 50, I find myself silly giggly.

Age really is just a number; it DOES get better with time!

What regaled me in putting the finishing touches on this poetry book, was musing on how I turned off and on 'the mood' channels; and how when it seemed easier to throw my hands up looking at this plate full of activities, I started reading other blogs and comments and emails, and became overwhelmingly inspired.

In addition to lining up events and venues I plan to attend, and participate in, I've also been steeped in reading books.

Yes, I am still reading Too Big to Fail, however, having passed page 200 it is safe to not only 'reason' how immersed I am in the story, but also safe to assume I will be finishing this one soon.

Of course though, after happening to be in a book store and seeing 'eye-level' Fahrenheit 451, and The Alchemist, two books I've been told every reader should have read, I got a little distracted and sidetracked and walked over to a register with these two. So far I'm appreciating the fact that both books are less than 500 pages...combined! (I'm not even going to bother to add them to my sidebar list. I probably should be embarrassed to let it be known I've never read them. Luckily I recognized the titles, huh?)

...Which brings me to what else I've been reading; Novels! Yes, that's right, that's what you're reading. I'm currently holding The Secret Sense of Wildflower by Susan Gabriel in my hand. I love the feel, the touch, the texture of the milk silky cover, and look forward to opening 'Wildflower' to read.

I just put down The Other Side of Thirty by R.Y. Swint, a book that really pulled me in, almost swallowed me whole. It pulled me in so deep, I want to ask the author for an interview. *Update - She's accepted my interview! Oh, I'm so excited. I've posted a review on Amazon and Goodreads.

Being Abigail I finished reading as well. And again, my review is on Amazon and Goodreads. Nice job Kathryn... and Abigail(?)

Next on my to-read list is 'A Nation of Wusses' by Ed Rendell, which I'll read alongside the book that is taking me the longest (in history?) to read. And perhaps I need to drop in here; I have never ever put down a book as many times, all because I have this hankering desire to not only read, but every intention to absorb each page until the very end.

As it's said in the Book World ~ Happy Readings!


  1. Wonderful, thank you for your reviews. I'm glad you enjoyed Being Abigail.

  2. how did i wind up being friends with such a talented chick. i am reading "mary barton". i think it is a book that would be better suited to being read aloud. then again i'm only on page 39 of 566. i love your rap and the illustration. you are beyond cool

  3. Hi Kathryn, & thank you for writing Being Abigail. That was a perfect read for my mood. Relaxing and timely.

    ...and bev, ... a 566 page book read aloud? I just looked the book up. Sounds like that book is going to start talking itself, once you get to... o say... page 239. And thanks! - r


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