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Fessing Up!

She's in... And she is lovely!

I am deeply humbled to have published FOUR titles this year. My Love (Contemporary Romance, the Rhapsody Series 5th Sequel), and Double Dare (Chic-lit Contemporary Fiction) are available on Amazon, and as well for direct purchase at events where I'll participate. Mindless (Mystery), and now finally A Blast From the Past (Poetry), will only be available for purchase directly through me. The limited release is for tracking research because...

...Honest to goodness I am in as much love with my books as those I crave and rave over written by other authors. I trust  that readers who want to read more of my work will appreciate why I feel this research is necessary.
Another humble confession is that in loving other books as much as I value my own, I do read my own books from time to time. When the mood calls for a book to read and I am troubled by guessing which book to read on my hefty to-read pile, I always know where I can immediately fill this need. 

So I'm going to take a minute to enjoy this moment by spotlighting some of the caveats I find with writing.

The inspiration, where does it come from?

The innate desire to tell stories. My belief system and principles. Being motivated by a world that moves around me. Music and learning people. Defining my own terms of success. Discounting oppressives such as money and reputation, aside my arduous drive for perfection. In-depth self-assessment. Laughter. By celebrating the successes of others. And by sharing a deep profound relationship with Him.

The time, where does that come from?

Although I have personally witnessed one person handle it far better, I too, am not too shabby at multitasking, though the best way to handle this beast is by a sound plan, and then plenty of practice... aside strategic *reasoning* skills. I began developing my plan at the age of four. I took my father’s advice and started right away working on gaining experience. Many, many years of that, and now semi-retired and adult children, I have plenty time to write.

The best parts of writing?

Coming up with the premise is my favorite. They are (of course) fast and easy to come up with. All a premise is, is one short sentence containing an opinion, belief, or question. Seeing the first full draft is also way up there on the likeability scale.

How do I know when a draft will pull through?

When I fall in love with my characters and can't wait to get back to writing their story.

The worst parts of writing?

Seeing a draft fail.

Currently I have 17 published books. What I love most about my books is its unique rawness. I love the fact that this is all my work. There was another author who surprised me by writing this in her introduction. I can't explain how comforting it was not only reading a book of this raw element, but to reasonably feel that I could credit the author for the writing and not get the sense that I might be mis-crediting, or over-crediting the source. This has always been a touchy subject in the writing community, so as a personal choice I'm very pleased to take this credit for my work.

That said, of my 17 current published titles, the easiest to write (so far) were Pleasure, Something Xtra Wild, and Atlóta. The most difficult; My Blackberry, Black Table, Pretty Inside Out, Tehuelche, and Mindless.

My top three favorites (so far) are Pleasure, My Love, and Double Dare. But who cares what I like when fans rally more around Black Table, A Piece of Peace, and Double Dare.

And my biggest confession?

Welp, (and sigh) I am most troubled to divulge that writing depletes a great deal of my energy, thus further admitting that reading is far more relaxing. Please don't read too hard between those lines.   


  1. congrats! clapping, clapping wo hooing. i am blessed to know someone so accomplished and well spoken.
    i would like to purchase a copy of your new book. will you sign it?


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