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Pardon the Interval, Cheesing is Important

There are a few subjects where I try not to overly extend myself, (in as far as what's covered on OEBooks Book Blog). One of those subjects is accenting public personalities, or in other talk, celebrities. It feels a little too much like cheesing. But I'd much rather be cheesing, than broaching topics *outside* of influences involving reading and writing.

I think I can almost count the number of times I have stepped outside of the bookish arena. Now, I may have to use both hands, and maybe a foot to do the count, but then who’s counting when there are times that just can't be helped... such as this occasion—catching a photo/video of First Lady, Michelle Obama, and 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, Gabrielle Douglas, with Jay Leno on the Examiner.

Michelle Obama is a true inspiration for me, and now here comes little Gabby, which on top of all matters, the two appear together on Leno! I truly apologize for breaking in here to rub off my emotions like this, but before Gabby, Nadia Comaneci and Mary Lou Retton were my favorite gymnasts. Wait... I wrote that wrong. I love all the gymnasts, which might help if I pointed out how the gymnast competition (and swimming and track too) are my favorite competitions of all the Olympic competitions. I just find it fascinating to look at the intervals I'm experiencing this type inspiration.

At any rate, while I'm here, and the subject still fresh, perhaps I can devote a paragraph to quip on this business of straying outside of book matters.

Blogging on politics, religion, or my personal beliefs, opinions, and feelings about world matters is a hang-up for me. Reading books about all of this, and writing books about most of it, is fair game however.  The testing part is keeping the tone of my posts within the territory of reading and writing, and storytelling. This is even my angle with writing books. I have to trust that no one really wants to know what I'm thinking outside of this territory. And even if someone did, I'm sure I wouldn't. It would be something listening to someone singing off key—way off key as in an opera that is. My goodness, and this is far, far off topic, so I'm going to be very, very vague about this remembrance, but I'm still hung-up on a violinist I shall never forget playing—off key—in a ceremony where, nicely put, it made things a wee bit uncomfortable experiencing an interruption as blaring.

To the point, I don't want things to get uncomfortable straying to the left when the whole purpose of 'blogging' is to keep right. There just would be no point in blogging otherwise… which speaking of jumping off topic, to get back on topic...

...on another cheesing note; I was featured on Facebook over the weekend. I'm a little late in mentioning this, but my feature is still on the Reading Diva's Facebook Wall. More mention on this event to follow.

Also, I'm NOT done with sharing more Reading Mood Enhancers; not since each book I read, and ultimately review, I highly recommend. So look for Part II coming soon. Reading books in the right mood is important. Very important.

Congratulations Gabby! I love you Michelle!
And a pat on the back to myself for everything I'm juggling!


  1. i think you should do a post on your life away from writing. enquiring minds want to know. a little bio. come on...
    and pat yourself on the back for
    ps i blogged

  2. oh bev, I think the rumors about me are far more interesting, but hang on, I'll see if I can find you a copy;-). and I loved your post (as usual!)


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