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That's NOT Funny!

It's a funny thing. No one has to be told what's funny (to them) or not, in the same way many rely on authoritarians of varying dignitaries to tell them what's good or bad. If it's funny we'll laugh, and if not, we won't.
Well wait... I have to rephrase that. I have seen some who will actually look at another person to clue them in as to whether or not they should laugh. It's the oddest thing to watch. No, actually... (to me) it's funny.
The thing here is, this post was inspired by me wanting to distinguish between books I place on my keeper shelf, from those I lend over to the dynamic shelf. But I had to scratch that idea when I found myself running laps around a humor odometer trying to stop the dial on subjects that humor me. And just to note; nearly every book on my keeper shelf contains, either in the writing itself, or in the actual story, satirical elements. Some more so than others, and then others not at all.
That's how this post wended up h…

Traditional Publishing | Self-Publishing

I have no earthly clue what might be wrong here; posting this in lieu of cajoling OEBooks' celebrating 25,000 unique visitors this year. Guess when I started wondering how many  might be surprised to hear that the traditional model of publishing was self-publishing... I took the first green light of smooth easy writing and went with it.
For the longest I've been associating the word traditional with modern, current, and all things spanking brand new. Self-publishing I equated to 'home-made' ...home-spun, right from the backyard homegrown... the artifacts we find at garage sales selling with the relics...

Hermit’s Awareness Award

In responding to emails, reading blogs, socializing, and basically catching up with writerly things I came across one post that really struck a chord in me. I was trying to, (in a friendly way), write a response explaining the best ways of organizing our time, particularly for writers often distracted while trying to carve out this time. But I ended up giving up. I didn't have much time myself to be playing around with words, when whaala, I came across this other post that struck the same darn chord, which meant... I had to do a blog post.