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This was a post I started many times, many ways. The problem was, I wanted to avoid coming off as agnostic to change, since nothing could be further from the truth. No one, and I mean absolutely no one, takes on a journey that leads to writing (and publishing) as many books as I have, within as small a window of time, without being very acquainted with adapting.

So, then what's the problem? What is it about today's meaning of adapting (from my perspective) that has me (sort of) hemming and hawing?

Welp, I picked up this magazine (withholding the publication's title) and said, 'let's see how we're weighing in on where we are in the book publishing market.’

I was reading, and reading, and reading, when all of a sudden I came to this chart, or graph let's say (which all too ironically I couldn't read) but chuckled at, after reading the article (which none too ironic) I was not very happy with, how I arrived at this post.

First, let me dispel this. And by the way, this wasn't what the article was about... I'll get to that in a sec., but adapting is fine if someone says, "hey, let's go to JaBleepdaBleep for a conduct a study." I'd probably question how light, or heavy, I should pack...and maybe how much of my personality I should pack (or unpack) before jumping up and running off to JaBleepdaBleep. That to me is being comfortable with adapting.

The adapting I'm uncomfortable with is once I get to JaBleepdaBleep, this same someone turning to me and saying, rather nervously, "hey, don't unpack...we're going to JaBlopdaBlop."  I'd still follow orders, but just wouldn't be as receptive, and certainly very unreceptive, hopping from JaBleep to JaBlop to Jablip, and so forth and so on, from one minute to the next second.

I think I can speak for many who aren't receptive to this type adapting. There's no structure or solid foundation, or I guess what I'm saying is there is no clear direction, which brings me to the article that led to similar articles... all parlaying resources and tools of how best to get the most out of each.

And I already know... we're in the era of grab and go, as in don't access or over analyze, but let these programs do our thinking, as just what I was and wasn't doing translating the data I read.

Skipping ahead, on a good note however, stemming directly from the article and shaving off any extras, I did learn something new tonight. So Woo-Hoo over here! Now I can't share exactly what I learned because it's way too comical to print, but will concede that YKW, who prefers the extra work doing her own thinking, for once piped down, watched, listened, and learned why she couldn't get this one app to run correctly.  Unbelievable! The dern thing had a mind of its own. 

And now look up above, at what it has created. It has charted my reading moods of approx. 150 books (and things) I've held in my hands this year. (Click the image to enlarge).