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A Little Late...Otherwise On Time for Wednesday's Meme!

Guess I'll join the others in following today's Reflections of a Bookaholic Wednesday's Meme. Please consult Wikipedia for a definition, if you don't already know what a meme is. I don't remember exactly, and a little pressed for time to spell out.
The topic this Wednesday (for this meme) is... 'Types of Endings', where just so happen, I happen to have something to add here.
I enjoy realistic endings. Realistic in a way that fits the story. And I know that's saying way too much of nothing, but hopefully you get my point; unpredictable to the point of being unbelievable, yet realistic all the way around. This is the mix I'm going for when I write my books. I'm always looking for that great start, non-stop pacing throughout the chunk of story, and the grand slam ending. Isn't that what everyone, both readers and writers, want? To be knocked off his or her feet when they come to that ending?

Proofing! Perception? Pet + Peeves

Disclaimers first.

I had this post perfectly written when I happened to glance back on previous blog posts. All I have to say is, "HEEELLLP!!!" Somebody please help me! I want to get back to reading... to pick up my mood... but I can't... because you know why!!!
That expatriate out of the way, I wholly respect editors, proofreaders, or any reading specialist looking out for the best interest of writers and readers. To the contrary of what I may write further along in this post, I have been affably surprised by comments received from editors. One who's feedback I really looked forward to, told me she didn't want to change my sentence structure(s) because she recognized it would disturb my voice, which she found "...and she used some really powerfully trendy words here." Of course this told me she wanted to change my sentence structure, but I was none-the-less very pleased by her work, and the corrections she ultimately made. Luckily I had reached out t…

In the Eye of the Public

In the spirit of continuing to honor Dr. King's Birthday, here's the link to Beverly Diehl's MLK Blogfest. I plan to spend the evening visiting the other posts, but at least two I've visited so far touched on what they do to help themselves and others learn about diverse cultures; quite warming to read. Overall, I must say the Internet has proved to be a valuable resource to learning about each other. I've certainly noticed a shift in the 'mood' of comments I used to read in various forums, from the mood I've recently encountered.
Social Networks such as Book Blogs, and She Writes, and now World Bloggersare currently my favored online forums to visit. Sharing our perspectives and knowledge is openly welcomed in a mutually respected virtual environment. There are many others out there as well... 2r1nChristOWN: Onyx Woman Network,Super Woman Lifestyle, and too many others to list, that promotes networking that in addition to many pluses, helps us *treat …

Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s Day

This post was written to contribute to Beverly Diehl's I Have A Dream - MLK Blogfest 
Let's Discuss Racism & Discrimination post. (Will add the link when it's up).
One of the most impressionable quotes I've taken from one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s most celebrated speeches was the dream he had when his "four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
Before applying this quote in theory across a broad canvass, very early along in my journey content resonated with me. Listening to stories about my family made me curious. I found the stories about my great-great-great grandparents' character tremendously fascinating; the black African slave, the white man, and the Native American.

WARNING: This is My Story.

I threw that warning in the title because I realize we live in a time where we are compelled by instinct to seek support. To find someone in our corner who we believe are behind us. And as such, my story was not written with the purpose of influencing another story.
Now I forget where I'm supposed to put this notice: "Looking Back Looking Forward," but will drop it here to let readers know this post was inspired by another post I happened to catch on SHE WRITES. The post asked that bloggers write their own 'looking back, looking forward' post, which I did a week or so ago, but got caught up and didn't have a chance to post until today.

Judging Others = JUDGEMENT.

I was going to kick off my New Year's post being silly, like I love to be. I don't care what anyone says, I'd rather be laughing, than crying, or whining, or complaining, or... and here's one I once upon a time did have on my New Year's resolution list, and to this very day call myself on all the time.
It's very difficult to completely not judge. It's one of the very reasons that makes our wonderful dictionary so useful. Words would have no meaning without this factor, whether we are judging people, places, or things. What I'm saying is we must compare this to that to make that, that. Red is not red, unless you know what yellow, and purple, or blue is. She is not tall unless we know what short is. Beautiful is not beautiful, until we come to know ugly. This is stuff I used to really think about as a child.