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An Honest Look at the Indies's all about putting out heartfelt work and then after that, Indie Authors and Indie Books gets my Honest VOTE!
But here's the thing, too. Books published by mainstream publishers have the edge when it comes to visual quality. Nothing beats the visual that doesn't turn the eyes inward. Today, mainstream publishers are putting out some really visually aesthetic books. Back in the day it wasn't like this. Mainstream publishers back then were in the business of selling stories, I presume. Go back and look at those old books. Nothing but pure jumpy text laying on thick yellow paper, and just about hand sewn to plain cloth covers.

A Piece of History on Aunt Jemima

Visit Michele Norris's website to read her memoir, The Grace of Silence. Details in the book surrounding Aunt Jemima's characterization were unexpectedly enlightening.

Myself, until this book I hadn't given much thought of the character, other than general assumptions assumed based on the time period in which the character first appeared. An interesting and informative resource, especially paired with Wikipedia's sources.
I read the hardcover version. Here's the link to an updated version.