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Headline Grabbers!

Occasionally, between the writing, I've glanced over at pitches bloggers have been headlining and had to do the 'double-take look'. Or, maybe in my case it was the 'squinty-eyed look.' Unfortunately all I could do however, was look. At present I haven't been able to read A N Y T H I N G. All I can do is LQQK, and maybe go... ooo! I wanna read that one. And... ooo, again!... I wanna read that one too!
It happened here today. Except this one (listed in the number 1 spot) made me smile... wide. So I said, 'you know, you haven't posted anything in a while. Why not grab all those headliners you've been oooing and aaahing over, and list them here.'
And so, that's just what I'm doing. Listing all the Headline Grabbers that wow'd me, and perhaps I may eventually get around to reading... though, AFTER... I hop off this labor table.