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A Multitasking Parody

This post is not coming totally out of left field. Almost, but not totally. I happened to catch an article knocking multitasking. And don’t feel bad if you don't catch the humor here... like straight off the bat. Unless I'm reading I rarely catch humor. I'm sure I've mentioned it before, how I usually catch the rift in jokes fifteen minutes (or more) after the joke's been told. Most times it's more... like days, weeks, or even months after the joke was first told. I mull all the time over these parodies I miss. Maybe I should share what happened the first time I was recruited to play on a softball team so things would be real clear. I haven't been recruited to play softball since. 

Meet Debut Novelist R.Y. Swint

One of the challenges I've tasked myself with over the past two years, is to read more fiction. Fortunately for me, there’s a large pool of She Writers writing in many genres that I can look to for just about any subject to read. That's how I came across R.Y. Swint. I am very pleased she agreed to share this exchange; our chat about her writing, and her debut novel 'The Other Side of 30.'  
From the author: R.Y. Swint, currently serving in the U.S. Army in Fort Drum, NY, is a native of Rome, Georgia, and a graduate of the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and Colorado Technical University.
------------------------------------------------- Interviewed by RYCJ/OEBooks July 2012 -------------------------------------------------

Book Quality – The Ultimate Intimate Reading Experience

Almost opened with Quality Books, but then quickly reversed the wording seeing the big difference in where I'm going with this post.
Quality books would speak of a book's content. ...Solid storytelling, as in delivery; Page-turning, as in pacing; Fierce premise; as in a SINGLE solid principle for each story told. These are the primary nuggets of how content builds a quality book.
But then there is one more attribute that gives the ultimate reading experience. After a book's content, 'book quality' is the most important facet of a book's life. But before I get to really get going, let me throw off the pacing a bit here. The last thing I want is for this post to come off as a diatribe alluding to physical books being better than ebooks. It is not what this is about.

Notes on Too Big To Fail

For some books, such as Sorkin's Too Big to Fail, I like to take notes. It helps me gather a succinct picture of what I'm thinking while reading. Normally, however, I don't blog these notes. I have an image to maintain, and that image is not to upend believers who really believe I'm smart.
But then a bright idea came out of nowhere and sat me upright as I thought, 'why would anyone want to be thought of as smart?' Tone it down. Start showing, not telling, how I don't have even a quarter of the 'right' answers. This is how I came up with putting on 'blog display' just how resourceful and clever I am NOT. Like really? What's the chances someone will recall all of my trips and falls buoying the rise in my image. So yes, taking note of my notes resonated like a wholly bright idea. It should clearly elucidate how inexpertly I handle details while reading, just by the way I take notes.

Updates Galore

As I've learned, long before proven, the nature of publishing is bedding grounds for springy timelines and expectations. In other words, a few projects, such as my website and latest poetry book, are still in production. Thankfully, in lieu of the full plate (of loose ends and new ends) I'm looking at un-plaiting, ironically makes this timeline look as if it's running right on schedule. Both website and book will be out and available soon.
Inside 'A Blast From the Past' (my new poetry book!) are over 86 New Poems, in addition to several pieces of self-imposed art I managed to scrawl out. Yes, in some much-enjoyed downtime I came up with 'The Girl's Got' Collection of drawings. The caption is a clip of one, and below is a clip of a meandering inside the book... in celebrating an upcoming birthday.