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Bookish Trends, Charts, Graphs & Things

This was a post I started many times, many ways. The problem was, I wanted to avoid coming off as agnostic to change, since nothing could be further from the truth. No one, and I mean absolutely no one, takes on a journey that leads to writing (and publishing) as many books as I have, within as small a window of time, without being very acquainted with adapting.
So, then what's the problem? What is it about today's meaning of adapting (from my perspective) that has me (sort of) hemming and hawing?
Welp, I picked up this magazine (withholding the publication's title) and said, 'let's see how we're weighing in on where we are in the book publishing market.’

How to Tell When a Book is Going to be Funny as…

This post might not be the greatest post ever written, or the cleverest, or even the funniest, but  I have thought about this one inside of an hour and have come up with ten sure predictors to figure out if a book might be humorous.
10. When you do a double take to look at the cover. I don't care how serious, how academic, how well-written or poorly-written, every time I've done this double take to catch all of the cover, it has never failed, I find humor in the book.

How to Know if You’re a Born Writer

All-righty, please allow me to cite Mittens Kittens blog post (You Know You're A Writer When...) ...for what you're about to witness here. Like many writers are prone to do, we transpose meanings and things, as in this case; gatherings I've amassed, based on my findings of what I know about born writers. 
1. Each of us are born wielding a passion... a passion we go back to time and time again, no matter how insignificant the pay, and menial the respect and rewards. This is the creed of a born writer; those passionate about words they'll drum up and turn into scripts, poems, articles, proposals, grants and even long lists like this one. You name it, they've written it, or will write it, up and surpassing effective eruditions written and passed into law.
2. Born writers love blogging.

A Love of Your Own

Writing a Book is NO BIG DEAL! – It's the Passion…
I wish I could link to the post that inspired this post, but I've looked and looked and can't find it. I believe a SHE Writes writer wrote it, but don't hold me to this, I'm not sure. What I am sure of is the content. The author of the post was asking if writing a book was for her. She tried and tried but just couldn't get into it. I shook my head as I read. It was a beautiful post, and I wanted to reply, but closed out thinking I'd link to the post later; to cite here.
Writing a book really is no big deal, like thousands of other endeavors I can think of; it's the passion behind the work.