It’s Another Girl!

That little girl over there slipped up on me when I was least expecting her. It happened late one evening, when I got to fooling around, like how things usually go, when one thing led to the next, and the next thing I heard, oops, a few weeks later I was counting 19 children in all.

This one came into the world something like Something Xtra Wild, Pleasure, and AtlΓ³taeasy. It's one reason why, just like real childbirth, I could never advise anyone on the process of giving birth to a book. Each one is different. Not all deliveries are as easy, the one aspect I'm coming to really appreciate about writing. Yes, the planning process and marketing of each book is arduous, but writing (as if I'm doing all that much too hide the fact), is a great joy.

Lock Box is a paranormal mystery. It's a story of a father who leaves earth after the birth of his first and only daughter, and after not properly taking on his fatherly responsibilities, to be awakened in an ethereal state learning his child needs him. But there is a problem. She lives in the physical world, which means he has some unfinished business left to attend to. Just like that he is zapped back to earth in the form of a living cell…one mad living cell after seeing where his child is living…passionately taking on his fatherly duties. Curtis T. Cummins is not the daddy to be messed with when it comes to his daughter, sending this story into one wild spin as his parenting skills are seriously tested. Lock Box is 300 pages, and will be available for direct purchase February 1, 2013.