Entertaining Readers! I Live for It...Sometimes...

Honest to goodness I appreciate my readers. Nothing in that AO has ever changed, even if it wouldn't be entirely accurate to say it's the sole reason I write. Closer to accurate would be to clarify that I value readers above, and far beyond, critics. Without apology there's just not a whole lot I can do for anyone who's turned off, for whatever reason. It's like when you have a man, or a woman at home who loves you, for you, there is no need to search for a greater love.

Okay, so all of that to get to the goading principle of this post.

Not too long ago here today I had a post all ready to go. The draft read fine before uploading to blogger, save for minor tweaks I typically save for after uploading… trying to get the text to display 'the way I like' … which come to think on it, let me not involve anyone in the madness I go through posting these posts. I have little hang-ups and quirks that even I hate dribbling over! Ugh!

The point of this entire maddening matter; and by the way, I'm not mad, I just might sound mad, but really... I'm happy as a f'ing lark (sorry), about posting a post to find one thing after the next wrong with it. Right away this told me, 'take it down.' So, I did.

Problem One. Vanishing title. Again, I won't drag my wonderful readers through all of my maddening heat-strokes, heart-strokes, and definitely keystrokes, trying to figure out how a title vanishes when I deleted nothing.

Next thing I noticed, spell check had gone through that whole ($%&#!*!) post and took it upon itself to correct words that were correct the way I spelled them. Mentee got no squiggly lines when I typed it in Word, yet spell check decided I meant menthe.

What the hell is a menthe? Or why didn't spell check just go on and do that eeny meeny miny moe thing, and replace mentee with meth? I have no idea what a menthe means, and I bet spell check doesn't know either, since it obviously isn't a reader! 

I'm going to tell everyone right here, and right at this instance, if spell check doesn't get its act together, and learn to freakin' read, it's going to cause some demontruous havoc in the binary world. And demontruous is a word. I just added it. Watch, it'll show up next week in your spell check, because it's already showing up as 'correct' in this here spell check. Seriously. I'm not kidding. Two sources says it's incorrect, but not this one! Of course, me over here, doesn't know what to believe... evidence of the havoc I see lurking.

There was just one problem after the next with my original post, why I went on and deleted it. Geez, I love entertaining readers, but not like that!

In summary, I wanted to express my gratitude to readers and fans. I don't consider myself a religious person, but I am appreciatively humbled to tears by the spiritual muse working between me "opening these veins," and readers and fans doing what they do bestreturning to find out what foibles have poured out of me this time. I really believe this is an inspiration that flows both ways.

And for all the storytellers, who aren't already celebrities, I suggest staying true to the 'personal' muse within. It will satisfy your readers and fans, and in time earn the respect of your loyal critics.

This post was inspired by She Writer, Paulette Bates Alden's post, 'DONE!'


  1. Very entertaining...I laughed out loud (LOL'ed)!!! I know you frown on using exclamation marks but I have to for this post! Great read.

  2. It looks to me like your spell check had an identity crisis and gobbled up your title. Hope this isn't one of those nasty virus' going around. Happy future posts. :)

    1. Hi Nancy, I'm not sure what happened there, but whatever it was it pretty much so far looks like it's only affecting me;-) Thanks for dropping by.


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