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Raiding Inspiration, and Sharing It

One of my resolutions this year was to keep a jar to start collecting those small deeds that often slip by, unaccounted for, and barely remembered. But of course it's one of the last things I've been doing. I rarely follow my resolutions; no big surprise there, except I happened to notice, actually long before this post, that I've been a little on the grumpy side. Well okay, a lot on the grumpy side, which the remedy here was supposed to be to grab a book and jump inside, except this is the other thing… I can't. I parceled off many of those luxuries I once had.

The good news is however, I was doing a few laps briskly pacing to and from the kitchen, walking down some of the irritation; irked for spending so much time on a project I planned to complete ten hours ago; and irked-er I can't eat… what I want to eat, when it suddenly came to me! The jar!!! Wasn't I supposed to be collecting small deeds in a jar so that I could raid in a time like this?

I guess then, this would have to be my first bit of inspiration; (coming out of the jar) thanking the blogger 'Trish' who introduced me to the jar. Had she not introduced me to this jar, I'm most positive I would've never thought of it. Who knows what kind of shape my keyboard would be in by now.

But this is the other good thing. Although I don't keep an actual jar, I do consciously surf for mood enhancing blog posts and articles to tweet. It's an uplifting exercise I adopted, that true, doesn't always carry over when I'm not actively raiding for inspiration, or actually staring at my tweets, but inspiring still. Now, I must admit too, I'm not sure if I'm following the proper tweeting etiquette… tweeting at least 10 articles, in 1 minute increments, or like the last time, tweeting 25 articles in that minute increment, but I sure felt rejuvenated afterwards. And by the email traffic in my inbox, I think a few others did as well.

Moving along, in the physical realm of things I of course, also, have my family, my husband, and my wonderful newly minted reading visitor who happened by this weekend and took yet another one of my books!, to be thankful for.  

Josh and Amy Bottomly's book 'from Ashes to Africa' was a trophy of a blessing for sure. Without doubt that one will show up as one of my Top Ten reads this year...perhaps along with a few others I've recently read.

And oh, the book club meeting I attended this year was another large blessing. I left out of that meeting, evidenced by that strange 'Off the Chart' caption I created in January's post, feeling as if I was walking in a time bubble. At the time I thought perhaps I just needed to get out more, but NO, I'm sure it was that warm, rich sisterly dialogue that had my head spinning.

And this one, The Emails!!! I've been receiving! Another large blessing, in small disguise albeit. It has been a little challenging keeping up with email, but I am very grateful for anyone who takes the time to send an acknowledgement, or request to read… and review a book, or a general personal greeting of any sort.

Just thought I'd break in here to come up for a sprinkling of air,
to share a little uplift.


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