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Surprising Factoids About Writing & Publishing

It would be nice to know it all, in publishing that is. I already know, or rather at some point since picked up, even if this was a possibility, you definitely do not want to know it all. Some things really are better left up to speculation.

But this is publishing I'm about to lean into here, an advent I had been humbly nosing around, reading as much as I could, wanting to know as much as I could, prior to jumping in, one foot after the other. And note: I'm using the word FACTOIDS, as opposed to facts, because what I've been noticing as my awareness has been increasing, is that these factoids have increasingly been changing, according to who's noting the FACT.

How to Read to-Read Lists?

That was actually a question.

Before gallivanting off to explain my own to-read list, I first want to know if anyone has seen some of those to-read lists on Goodreads? Man-o-man, I surely did. I had to punch up my calculator and do the math.

What I came up with was this. An average avid reader like myself, would be at least twenty-five years trying to read 5000 books! And double that 'at least' should a reader like me pick up another book like Too Big to Fail! But my reading speed is a current moot point given how far my brows flipped sideways coming across this one reader who had something like 10,000 books on her shelf.

Writing: Is It a Career or Hobby?

By now, anyone who has followed my blog must know off the bat where I'm going with answering this question. —Straight back to the good 'ole golden days. However, before going there, it wouldn't be courteous not to slip in this trinket first.

For all the references given on those resistant to change, it would seem that this would be an easy muse.

In ancient times, and so perhaps we are still in ancient times if we're musing on this question, but the theory to life (for lack of a better phrase), was that people had to find ways to survive. Yes, I'm talking about the hunting and gathering times, just before people began organizing societies that would bring us up to current times, when work (as I heard phrased) "wasn't supposed to be fun…that's why it was called work!"

Needless to point out… we're 'modernized' now, where things get a little technical, or perhaps I should point out, where I contrast yesterday against today, believing mode…

Answering the Question of Global Decline in Book Sales

This post was inspired by an article I read, asking readers to give their thoughts on the possibilities of why book sales are on the decline, globally. I've since lost track of the article, despite having read it not more than an hour ago, however anyone with more energy than me (tonight), should be able to do a quick Google search and make it resurface.

ATWC1 Supports Authors: (Interview)

This is a special treat here. I finally interviewed a long time blog-friend, who I've admired and celebrated, for her unrelenting marvelous work supporting writers and authors.

Dee S. White, who blogs at ATWC (At The Water Cooler) #1, also is a versatile blogger. Born in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, West Indies, and growing up in Beltsville, Maryland before moving to Brooklyn, New York, she wears many hats. This avid reader, inspirational speaker, prolific book blogger (she manages at least four), vocalist, and author of Age is Just a Number: Adventures of Online Dating, among at least one other hat I'll keep under my own hat, has recently revamped ATWC1 and started her own virtual book tour coordinating business.

‘Between You and Me…’ I Love Journalism!

...So you must know I just finished reading Mike Wallace's memoir and loved every single page of it. Yes, I laughed, I cried, I cheered and jeered, and now soon will knead out my thoughts about my overall perception of this well-defined work.

Between you and me, --stepping back for a sec,-- I originally wanted to pursue a career in journalism. I liked the ring of the word―journalism. It sounded a little more upscale than plain 'ole writing, except a few things deterred me. Actually, that would be incorrect. Deterred probably isn't the right word. Derailed is more like it. A part of the problem was likely what initially fascinated me about journalism; that being other than the nice ring of the word.

My Trials and Tribulations… Clearing for Clarity!

'No One' will believe this. When I heard, I couldn't believe it. Who me? Getting scolded something awful about clarity? No way! Despite clearly being told I'm about as clear as ten speed bumps Plutoians might, sometime next year, draw three rings around somewhere on Pluto!

Flattened as I was, I want 'Everyone' high and lo, none more than my beloved audience, to know I held my ground. 'We' can 'All' be mightily thankful for the one thin life raft that kept my BA-hind afloat.