ATWC1 Supports Authors: (Interview)

This is a special treat here. I finally interviewed a long time blog-friend, who I've admired and celebrated, for her unrelenting marvelous work supporting writers and authors.

Dee S. White, who blogs at ATWC (At The Water Cooler) #1, also is a versatile blogger. Born in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad, West Indies, and growing up in Beltsville, Maryland before moving to Brooklyn, New York, she wears many hats. This avid reader, inspirational speaker, prolific book blogger (she manages at least four), vocalist, and author of Age is Just a Number: Adventures of Online Dating, among at least one other hat I'll keep under my own hat, has recently revamped ATWC1 and started her own virtual book tour coordinating business.

March 11-15, 2013 ATWC1 has lined up Straight Dope Virtual Book Tour for LeRon Barton. "Inspired by the late great Studs Terkel's many works," Straight Dope is a book that asks the simple question–why are drugs so entrenched in America's society?

To connect with LeRON visit his Website: Mainline Publishing Straight to the Point. Or follow the Tour.

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*** And now, for a little more on Dee, I am delighted to share our interview.***

Interviewed by RYCJ/OEBooks March 2013

OEB: Other than journaling, what's the best feature you find about blogging and social networking?

DSW:  The best feature about blogging for me is the fact that it helps me organize my thoughts, and it was totally responsible for the completion of my first book.

OEB: How do you select authors to read and interview?

DSW: I pitch some authors, some pitch me and other times their publicist or blog tour coordinator pitches me. I am happy to interview all comers, everyone has a story and everyone needs help with promotion.

OEB: Are there any subjects that ATWC1 would not support?

DSW: Pornography, erotica, atheistic material, wiccan/paranormal material (this on a case by case basis) and anything that promotes bigotry or hate.

OEB: From your experiences blogging and promoting other authors, what has been your greatest rewards?

DSW: Reader responses to finding an awesome book and authors being so happy at being found that they decide to pay it forward and assist other authors as well.

OEB: Which consumes more time; commenting on other blogs, or writing posts?

DSW: Neither consumes more time on a consistent basis, they take turns flip flopping depending on what's going on in my everyday life. For e.g. If I'm stressed, I sometimes cannot write, so I will check out some blog posts to get a lift and give some props to other bloggers. On the other hand, sometimes angst is my best source of grist for writing and I write way into the night and early morning, (like I'm doing right now 1:48 AM) until my eyes can no longer stay open.

OEB: I understand you're also a motivational speaker. What audiences do you generally connect with?  Corporate? Mentoring Teens? Women's Groups? Writers?

DSW:  The only one of the three that I haven’t connected with, believe it or not, is writers I think when it comes to writers, I flash back to my first experience with a critique group when not quite knowing the etiquette I posted a risquΓ© piece and didn’t label it as such. I was given such a resounding verbal slap down that I quietly withdrew from the group and have not risked another since then. I believe the message I got was "writers are evil…lol" or "some writers take themselves too seriously."

That sort of unnecessary harshness is one of the reasons I'm usually a do-it-herselfer, the less interaction with real people the better. That's why I figured God had a sense of humor when He called me to be a minister. I remember thinking, but I don't even like people!

All that aside, the great thing about being able to work a room in the natural, is that when compounded with the spiritual gift of oration, it doesn't matter the audience, but how vested I am in the topic and how well I've allowed the Holy Spirit to use me.

OEB: And moving on to your debut book. Why did you write 'Age is Just a Number'?

DSW: There are so many reasons that I wrote Age is Just a Number.

~ To debunk the myth that online dating is evil and only rejects use that forum
~ To expose some of the games played and to gently guide a newbie
~ To suggest to those willing to listen that what they seek might not be another human being but a relationship with God
~ To entertain, 'cause some of my experiences were just plain funny.
~ Last but not least for the mentally ill, abused and suicidal—many of them inhabit the Internet and by default, dating sites…some just need a listener, others REALLY need prayer and others just needed Jesus…lol.  I just wanted to provide some encouragement via my testimony and some resources so they too could have a chance to overcome.

OEB: How long did it take to complete?

DSW: It took two weeks to turn my blog into a blook. I found a trio of Christian sisters, living in Canada no less, one was the editor, the other the graphic artist and the last book formatter. It was an amazing experience.

OEB: You know I love memoirs. Can you suggest any titles I might enjoy?

DSW: My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Piccoult was a page-turner.  Not a memoir, and I haven't yet gotten around to writing the review, however, it is so real you could envision it being someone's reality.

He Talk Like a White Boy, a Memoir by Joseph C. Phillips (played Denise Huxtable's husband on The Cosby Show). A real man with real dilemmas and real convictions. Whether you agree with his stance or not you have to respect him for taking a stand at all. I found this book refreshing and humorous in a few areas.

Emma Jean Reborn, by Dr. Cupid R. Poe and Kathi Macias – I actually did get around to writing the review on this one.

OEB: And just out of curiosity… what are the names of your 'all-time' favorite movies?

DSW: Off the top of my head, some of my all time favorite movies (movies that I have watched more than 3 times), in no particular order are:

Dirty Dancing/Center Stage/Step Up/Stomp the Yard/Bring it on (the series)
Forrest Gump
Mississippi Masala
Matrix (the series)/X-Men (the series)
Love and Basketball/The Brothers
Bend it Like Beckham
Courageous/Facing the Giants
Pollyanna/Gidget (the series--I'm dating myself here)/The Parent Trap
Sister Act (the series)/Sound of Music/Wizard of Oz
Revenge of the Nerds (1st one)
Claudine/To Sir With Love
Blade (the series)
Bill Cosby, Himself/Madea's Family Reunion
Burglar/The Wedding Planner

There are tons more rolling around my brain escaping my capture, however, I figure that the above movies give you an idea of what I enjoy watching.

OEB: Last, but not least, briefly share what authors can expect when they sign up for a book tour with ATWC1?

DSW: Having worn the hats of avid reader, proprietor of online book store and street vendor, author/publisher and book reviewer I believe have a unique understanding of the author’s need vs their knowledge at time publishing and have positioned myself to assist to fill whatever gaps may exist. So to an author considering sign up with ATWC1 I say:

My role and that of the tour hosts I engage are dream enhancers. ATWC1 Tours exists to enhance your "Field of Dreams" . . . you build it, and we will help spread the news so that others will know just where to go to find your book, blog, or other project. We do not guarantee sales. However, we do guarantee buzz, heightened awareness of you and your book, and valuable tips about marketing/promotion that you will come away with—we are not afraid to share.

So feel free to inquire about our packages and additional services. We look forward to assisting you in your dreams!

OEB: Much love to you, Dee! Thank you!


  1. OMG! Who is that amazing diva! LOL. Seriously, though,awesome presentation and thanks so much for having me.

  2. Yeah, that's usually the way it works when it is an awesome diva. Glad you liked it; I really liked this interview too. & Hope LeRon is getting some love on his book tour too.

  3. Thank you all for hosting this stop on my blog tour.
    I definitely appreciate it!!!!

    1. You're welcome LeRon. I look forward to reading your interview. & Congratulations on your getting your book out there!


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