How to Read to-Read Lists?

That was actually a question.

Before gallivanting off to explain my own to-read list, I first want to know if anyone has seen some of those to-read lists on Goodreads? Man-o-man, I surely did. I had to punch up my calculator and do the math.

What I came up with was this. An average avid reader like myself, would be at least twenty-five years trying to read 5000 books! And double that 'at least' should a reader like me pick up another book like Too Big to Fail! But my reading speed is a current moot point given how far my brows flipped sideways coming across this one reader who had something like 10,000 books on her shelf.

Whew! Curiosity now has this woman wondering, what's the greatest number of books read in a week, or perhaps in a day for that matter?

Let me just get right on with it, and provide a little clarity about my own to-read lists… to clear up what may read like a bad riddle.

Titles on my to-read list are currently piled on my desk and all around my bed, and sssh…because yes too, quite a few are in my bed. I have every intention to read them, despite this being an active intention for almost a year. But it's not because I probably don't, or won't like them. They wouldn't be there if that was the case. I'm just waiting on the right mood to pick up my pace. The Cost of Hope by Amanda Bennett, The Wrong Answer Faster by Michael Goodkin, Le Freak by Nile Rodgers, and oh my goodness, Lord Vishnu's Love Handles; A Spy Novel (Sort Of) by Will Clarke… among others of which titles escape me, are prime examples of books that took this same amount of (year's length) time to get 'back' into; ONLY to end up as one of my Top Ten favorite books read that year.

So the length of time it takes me to read a book doesn't spell out a whole lot. Never-the-less however, authors may want to visit this LINK…particularly if you're looking for a reviewer who likely won't turn 70 by the time they get around to reading the books on their reading lists. --- That was supposed to be humorous. Please at least smile, keeping in mind my aim is to enjoy every page. To do that, it sometimes takes time.

Here's a List of Crests that Add Speed to my Read.

-- Raw writing from page one; you know… something in the neighborhood of: 'Look, I'ma tell you like this…' and the writer proceeds to go on and tell me like this, making me mutter something like, 'oh no she (or he) didn't… (Raw can also be written in plain English, nicely).

-- Humor. Humor at the outset, nine out of ten times, excels my reading speed.

-- Unique snazzy writing grabs me too. The type writing where I get to surmising the author probably sat at the back of every scholastic class, sketching likenesses of Aristotle while the instructor lectured.

-- Who-Whatdunnits are pretty alluring...

-- And as well, provocative premises. For instance, I really do want to know all about any reader who's zipped through 10,000 books, between birthdays.

-- I also have to admit small page counts―between 250 and 300—work well with 12pt font too. And please don't walk me over no giant 11x17 300 page book. That won't fly.

-- Short sentences are another bonus, especially in lieu of a unique premise.

-- And there's no sense in leaving this one out. I simply adore celebrity memoirs written by those whose careers have inspired me; or reading about historical or current events written by natural storytellers.