Singing High Praises with Much Love & Appreciation

There was a small debate, fawning over whether to write that heading professionally straight, or reflective of my personal style when I'm touch by much generosity.

More so than enjoyable, and not without mention, full of anticipation pawing over every detail, from the justification to hold this event during the day, to carping over every word associated with this talk, this event went pleasingly well. So, I thank everyone who joined me in learning how we plan to engage literary communities. Your presence, and show of interest, was most inspiring and encouraging.

I'm singing high praises for...

…being commended on opening a very frank and inspiring dialogue.

…the show of interest… being invited for coffee, to attend other events, to start workshops, and the likes is a large reward.

…I really liked hearing suggestions of who would've really benefited from attending this event.

…It was likewise promising to see the level of interest (from each of you who joined me), as I summarized snippets of books written by other authors that greatly has inspired me.

…But most importantly, we are quite stoked by the productive turnout of this event. We really believe that the content delivered reached not only the right hearts and minds, but the best audience that will help us identify and engage communities with future Open Book Talks.

…Surely all of this was made possible just by you being there.

So once again, thank you… and thank you as well to those who wanted to be there but were unable to. Although I will say you missed some impressive storytelling, your thoughts and good intentions go a long ways, as good vibes not only work well for me, but for the sender too.

On a side note, in case I haven't fielded this over every forum that is a forum, I finished reading 'The Black Russian!' It was an amazing account. Finally my thoughts are posted on my review blog. I also finished reading Patti LaBelle's 'Don't Block the Blessings.' Another thoroughly amazing biography, where again I posted my thoughts here, here, and here.