Looking for Unique Frank Genuine Inspiration?

I found some. It's one of the best ways to keep the good feeling going, by passing along inspiration when we come to it. Lately I've been coming across quite a few articles, quotes, comments, and blog posts that have either had me nodding my head in agreement, or smiling generously. Below are TEN of my recent favorites collected.

On Yahoo… 'Grandma Drummer' Drums Her Way Into Internet Stardom'

Recommended by an Amazon Reviewer… Free Hugs: It's More Than A Campaign - It's A Lifestyle by David Melia

Again on Yahoo… Kate Middleton and Prince William's First Day as New Parents

On She Writes… An Author's Dream-Come-True Moments

This one from ABC News… Judge Orders $1 Million Returned to Exotic Dancer

Phenomenal article on what's at the core of building relationships, without the bait of the word 'polyamorous', even if the title created the lure to read more. Dos and Don'ts for Polyamorous Relationships

On LinkedIn… 7 Qualities Of A Truly Loyal Employee

And this group, DeLana Stevens and the Beggar Saints... Music that totally won me over.

And this book, The Leadership Moment by Michael Useem, one of the most informative books I've read this year.

But the greatest moment for me as of recent, was meeting our Best Storytella in Town Contest Winner, Terri Lyons, and hearing her story. Take It From the Top.

Material like this reminds me to write posts 
choosing enriching action words and language.


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