Unpopular Opinions

The other morning I woke up from a great deep slumber by comments commentators were hash-tagging over, discussing the popular Twitter hashtag… #What’s Your Most Unpopular Opinion?

I, myself, couldn’t come up with an unpopular opinion right away, which had nothing to do with waking up from this great deep sleep. It would take, oh I don’t know… eons maybe??? …to select just one unpopular opinion, from the pool of others.

I did, however, jog back to the day I had to give an argument speech for a Speech class. True Story. According to the instructions, we had to come up with an argument that most would object to, and then argue our point of view to sway the opposition to agree.

Without going into the awe-inspiring details, I nailed the assignment. It was my best 'easy-earned' grade out of all the classes I've taken... Ever!

Yet, wouldn’t it be that just as I was thinking back on that assignment, and my very unpopular opinion, that at that exact moment one commenter would be saying to the other commentators, “that’s not an unpopular opinion!”

And so here’s where this post comes in handy. WORDS! Word after word after word; what really do most of them mean? While I can’t recall the verbatim unpopular opinion the commentator thought was not unpopular, I can provide a replica to the discussion.

In other words, the commentator was saying “sports-players shouldn’t use performance enhancing drugs.” In today’s climate, in America, this is the rule, thus this would not be an unpopular opinion. Actually, it’s not even an opinion. It is the rule. But, too, it is a rule, and I’m speculating here, that is unpopular depending on the drug.

From that example is how we get into the wordy business, bringing me right to the next order of business---Yes, READING and WRITING.

My TOP 10 Favorite/least Favorite Words that say Nothing, and then Everything! ~ by, of course, unpopular opinion.

10. Things… I use this word all the time and dislike it when I do. To me, it’s a lazy way to describe absolutely nothing.

9. Eeek! Eck! Ill! Or any other words to this effect… are words, or partial phrases I rarely if ever use. They express insanely childish or immature point of views.

8. Weird… another word I use at a minimal. One of my characters might act weird, or use the word in dialogue, but to use this word to describe an abnormal entity, or an opinion I either disagree with or flat out do not like, is what’s really weird.

7. Gross… I steer clear of, too. Unappetizing. Upsetting. Unappreciated by the stomach are a few better words or phrases to use in its place.

6. Beautiful, Phenomenal, Powerful, Poignant… I use a whole lot, and admittedly, far too much. This, as well, is a lazy way of NOT expressing what exactly is beautiful, phenomenal, powerful, or poignant.

5. Etc., etc., and eg.,… and ergo these little guys, or girls, go on and on without saying.

4. Just… I just don’t like for no particular reason other than I just wished another word similar in meaning would come to me when just, just happens to slip beneath my fingers as they tap on the keyboard.

3. Always & Never… All I have to say on this one is not to let the WATCHER catch you using the holy matrimony pair.

2. Anything… Again, ditto. ‘Just’ try sticking this one in a phrase such as Anything goes to understand the power behind that one word. I must admit however, for those of us with grand imaginations, we love this word.

And my all-time favorite… 1. No one, Everyone, Everybody, and Everything… Please tell me, who in the hell are these people; or all these things!?!

The lesson here: A word alone can be made a fool of, particularly if the argument for using it is not validated.


  1. Not a word, but the phrase, "Are you serious?" annoys me. Most of the times the question is unnecessary and distracts from the conversation.

    1. In speech, *(not reading and writing)*, my favorites are "that's great," and "interesting."


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