Working Harder, Smarter...

Had this post been written years ago, or had someone else added her two-bits, this jingle here would've likely had a lot different ring to it. But I’m writing this jingle, and as such it will vibe to this other ring.

Cheering on Labor Day, a term I did have to in fact fact-check, come to find out I really do revel efficient and effective work habits. I always assumed I enjoyed seeing milestones reached, and being a part of that process, but now it's confirmed.

That said, let it be a secret no more, as I unleash highly effective work habits that shaves off production time, but increases productivity. And that’s right. It’s exactly what we’re reading... Decrease production time, increase productivity.

Study long, study wrong. This is one axiom my mother used to hum... all the time! And honestly, if I could’ve, I would’ve skipped over this secret passage, save for those great deliberating moments, on more occasions than I care to recall right now, showing up. Writing these blog posts is an example. The most useful thoughts come easy, and quick... meaning inspiration should be our dearest friend.

Before setting goals and prioritizing, have a BIG PICTURE VISION. We may not know all the steps to getting there, but we should at least know what we’re looking for before building a roadmap to who knows where.

Early bird gets the worm. Except, unless you’re a bird of course, who wants to get a worm? In other words, refrain from toying around with hype. It’s okay to think outside of boxes.

Lose the busy work. Fact to the matter is that there are lots of thankless, ‘I’d rather be doing anything else’ type work that needs to be done to turn over successful projects. But that’s one thing. It’s quite another thing to be racing to and fro, destination unspecified, for speculators’ amusement.

Look for white spaces. These are neglected burgeoning prospects where opportunit(y) abounds. A word of caution however. This may require doing that early bird thing, because once others see you in this space, you’ll have to hop on out of there and move on to the next open space.

Trust our instincts. That’s that thing Our Creator gave us. And no, it’s not a voice in our head, but messages that speak to us from our heart. What’s really great about instinct is we don’t have to consult with glossaries, or go pounding on doors begging for this and that. Instinct is so accessible. All we need to do is trust in it.

Make a mistake, fix the mistake, and move on. Nothing can be done about spilled milk except wipe it up. Standing around pointing out spills exacerbates mistakes. It is the single most efficient time eater. It creates more work too, except we’re over here celebrating hard, smart work.

Give in, not up. There is a difference. Seeking to understand others and respecting other opinions is laudable. Aligning uncommon goals to cheer on admirable projects—hard won, is what’s truly applaudable!

Work hard, Play harder, be Productive. Now isn’t this the bare bones concept of what Labor Day is all about anyway?

Alrighty… back to the drawing board. Back to Work.


  1. Love this, sharing. Because while work/play can be fulfilling, it is not the be-all and end-all of life.

    1. So agree! Because between work ~ and ~ play (for me) is SLEEP!


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