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Wearing the Mask

It was the funniest conversation. It happened a little piece back, and names have been omitted to cut back on unpaid advertisement, about this person saying to another person, “you need to wear the mask.” ―Meaning, play the game. Pretend. Go Along. Wrap your emotions around both wrists and walk around with the poker face.

Meanwhile, the same person, in almost the same breath, began surfing around how much they dislike—no― actually that was, HATE dishonesty.

Now wait... let me break here, because this does get confusing.

Cool Writing Styles

A couple of things to know. 1) This expose has not been researched. I went looking nowhere to construct this post. If someone has written all, or some of this before, then preclude that me and somebody else agrees on one or many points regarding writing styles. And 2) I already heard. Know the rules before breaking the rules. I’ll work on that one for another post. I think I can stretch out a civic enough argument in 500 words that can be expressed in...oh I don’t know...maybe as few as two words. And please, let’s not assume the worst. My two words were, ‘I have.’

Reasons to Write...

One of my best learned lessons about writing, was espying why others write. Below are priceless treasured favorites. And by the way, all are as worthy reasons to write as many of those I’ve neglected to list. I'm just making a note of the few observations that have left great impressions on me.

The Teachers. At first I used to think, ‘good grief, not another one teaching another lesson.’ That was before reading from ashes to africa by Josh and Amy Bottomly, a story that has since convinced me of the tangible value that one book reaching even one reader, feeds the need.