Cool Writing Styles

A couple of things to know. 1) This expose has not been researched. I went looking nowhere to construct this post. If someone has written all, or some of this before, then preclude that me and somebody else agrees on one or many points regarding writing styles. And 2) I already heard. Know the rules before breaking the rules. I’ll work on that one for another post. I think I can stretch out a civic enough argument in 500 words that can be expressed in...oh I don’t know...maybe as few as two words. And please, let’s not assume the worst. My two words were, ‘I have.’

It has come to my attention that there are no fewer than a million writing styles. Now generally when we get to philosophizing on writing styles, first thing that comes to mind is First Person, Second Person, Third Person, and if there are any others such as Fourth, Fifth, and so on Persons, you’ll have to forgive me because I don’t know of them. The only Persons I’m familiar with are the Persons most talked about, what we most assume to be using.

The thing here is, the three Persons’ styles are one thing. But what I’m looking at are these other writing styles; styles that incidentally are transferable between the three Persons... (Note: This list is in alphabetical order, in order to reduce the assumption of favoritism).

Arithmetic Style is one of my favorites. It’s the style I started out reading, where this happens, then that, and then the next thing. The arithmetic style doesn’t mess around with verbosity. It typically wears a trench coat, is direct, has a sugar-free tooth, and likes to sign off with the end. Again, I love this style because I love storytelling.

And this let me see if I can find us a nice word for it. Oh yeah, the Censorious Style. For lack of elaborating, but for storytelling’s sake, using this style of writing is guaranteed to lift the main character generally, and the narrator definitely, right up off the page.

The Elementary Style is a popular choice when clarity is at issue. Slightly similar to the arithmetic style, save for one small variation… word choice, there’s zero reading between lines to be done here. Depending on the story, or rather the premise of the story, and maybe my mood too, sometimes this is all the story I want to read.

A Poetic Style I would say is one of the most difficult styles of writing. It’s like turning one five minute song into a 400 page novel. Each word and every paragraph has to flow into the next. Picture words holding hands. And maybe readers falling asleep too.

The Maestro Style is another favorite because the maestro is a master with words. I never knew you could corroborate a crush until I read a maestro who had gone to work telling me how he made a contender define it in fifty ways. Aah, clever.
One of my all-time, fairly well used favorites is the Classic-Urban Style. See, the thing about this style is while you want to have a handle on things like sentence structuring and when to start and end paragraphs, and of course a real good run on a working premise, there’s little need to be concerned about any type of correctness, and absolutely no need to think about grammar… you know… something like I’ve done here, less the verbose slang however.

There are so, so many writing styles out there, 
and that many more yet founded...


  1. Must admit to being a fan of arithmetic style, trenchcoat and all. I like poetic, but sometimes feel overloaded and in need of an insulin shot when I read it.

  2. Haha! Best sleep I've ever gotten was reading one of the daffodil poetics. That's a hard one to read without a solid story... or insulin.


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