Reasons to Write...

One of my best learned lessons about writing, was espying why others write. Below are priceless treasured favorites. And by the way, all are as worthy reasons to write as many of those I’ve neglected to list. I'm just making a note of the few observations that have left great impressions on me.

The Teachers. At first I used to think, ‘good grief, not another one teaching another lesson.’ That was before reading from ashes to africa by Josh and Amy Bottomly, a story that has since convinced me of the tangible value that one book reaching even one reader, feeds the need.

The Published. Now this one, writing to see ones' words in print and behind a cover really amazed me. I became so transfixed listening to an author telling the story about seeing her words in print and behind a cover for the first time, that I am now retelling the same story for possibly the ca-zillionth time. Bet no one knew I could count that high? All kidding aside, as my words were in print and behind the same cover too, but nothing is more priceless than feeling the excitement of another person privately celebrating publicly.

The Best-Sellers. Anyone who rolls up his or her sleeves and goes to town, specifically and for the sole purpose of pulling together ‘the’ book, in the mission of seeing it rank #1, I have nothing but mad respect for.

The Humbled. I recall another author telling another humbling story of catching a reader reading her book. That was an interesting experience.

The Marathon Runner. Anyone who views writing a book like running a marathon, I'm going to stretch out here and say I think everyone on earth may appreciate this one. There's nothing like coming in last place and someone, somewhere clicking a timer and noting you've made it. Nothing! I, for one, am THE sucker for these humbling recalls.

The Treasures. My favorites however, are the writers who love the idea of writing. Those who treasure telling stories…and storytelling... who hang in there with their characters, for better or for worse, until that story does what the writer wants it to do. Now, if life-long lessons are learned and remembered after all is said and in ink… that’s great. If thought-processes are increased, well that’s even twice as great. If many, many readers are thoroughly entertained... then as the late great Jefferson's theme song went, 'we're moving on up!' And of course, (this not being rocket science) if the work is so renowned that it makes its own way up the echelons, past all the gatekeepers guarding praiseworthiness, and finds a ranking number #1 front row seat... and dropping on an extra cherry for each reader caught reading such a book in public... Awl man....

...All I can say is these are the greatest impressions of reasons to write I’ve yet come across.


  1. I have just found the pleasure in writing and am trying hard to nurse it. I've always wanted to write but been terrified by the prospect.

    Oh and by the way thank you for visiting my blog today....and as I said there, you in trouble now LOL

    1. Hey Wendy! ...And Whaaaadt... you are already a writer! Handling Fabulosity the way you do is so similar to the challenges of putting it in a book. Just remember all them books you read and fell asleep on, or basically disliked very, very, much...well... don't do that! LOL!!!!!!!!

      and nooooooooo... now I'm terrified!!! My interview personality is like down beneath 0!!!. LOL


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