Happy ThanksGiving & Anniversary OSAAT Entertainment!

My hope is that everyone has his or her feet kicked up and is in a space where he or she can take a moment to be thankful for even the smallest of blessings.

Today I am grateful for OSAAT Entertainment (OE), which tomorrow will celebrate its 5th Anniversary! WoW. WE are grateful!

When I think about how so many industries got started...sports, film, music, books...why even the Internet industry just gettin’ cookin’, AND then go back to siphon individual stories of businesses that grew out of one idea...one vision...that took not decades to mature, but hundreds of years to realize its place in building, nurturing and sustaining societies, I am twice as inspired and grateful for OE.

I greatly respect, admire, and look up to businesses that appreciates a steady pace and growth. That focuses on products, people, and possibilities. That keeps in sight a long-range vision... and stays with that vision.

Towards the end of 2008, OE published its first two titles, my titles, Leiatra’s Rhapsody, and GEM: A Collection of Poetry, Short Stories and a One-Act Stage Play. It was a year of testing, research and development, and finally publication.

2009, I started blogging. Yes, OEBooks was born January 2009. The funny backdrop here is my background in understanding the infrastructure behind the Internet...from a policy perspective, yet there I was in good ‘ole 2009 sitting on a bus asking for help to get started blogging. I had zero experience on actually using the Internet in 2009. A-Mazing.

By 2010, OEBooks had almost 10 blogs, and I was a blogging socialite back then. OE also had eight published titles too. I, however, would be a day and a zillion years laying out OE’s growth against the rapidly changing book publishing industry.

2011, steady wins the race was OE’s motto. With eleven published titles, and still all my work...written, illustrated, and published by OE/me, along with reading, interviewing, and reviewing books written by writer’s whose work I respect; I began realigning and aligning OE’s strategy, based in part on the picture emerging from the increasingly evolving book markets.

By the end of 2012, OE became a partnership, and had 17 published titles.

And now here WE are...having added another partner and signed two authors, after meeting a host of challenges to see our 5th Anniversary!

There are many, many people to thank for this. My mother who won’t let me stop writing, until she stops shaking her head. My husband. Gwen Davis. ‘Jaxon Barnes’. Shanell Simmons. Terri Lyons. Michelle Mitchell-Day. Randy Thomas. Sharon@theChefCooks. Barbara Mazzuca@risquereviews. Beverly Diehl. Sharon Lucas/The Reading Divas. ‘One of’ West Philly’s book clubs. Gorham Printing. The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce. Authors who have contacted me and asked that I read their books. Author’s whose books I’ve read and loved... loved...loved. OEBooks blog readers. Anyone who has purchased one of my books. Readers of my books. My loyal book fans. And of course, everyone who has, and does support OE!

Above all, I thank my partners!

Happy Thanksgiving!