Life of a Cool Reading Geek

Before I even begin let me just promise this... this will be the coolest, sexiest, hip-STAR story you’ll ever read.

A wise person, and forgive me for being unable to cite who this wise person is/was... I don’t recall... but a very wise person, or maybe a many of wise people ---a few times over--- have told me that in order to know where I’m going, I’ve got to know where I’ve come from.

But when you’re young, you’re thinking... ‘ah, yeah right. Old news is old news. Time moves forward, not backwards...’ And as such, you tend to see people talking this talk as old outdated grouches who will stay just where they are... in the memory banks of what used to be.

Of course the written caption above wasn’t entirely my thinking. I kept doing my thing, but also kept my eye on them old-thinkers. Or maybe I need to rephrase that. There’s not too much I totally disregard. Utter people-watchers like me get a kick out of watching, listening to, and reading deeply into all styles of characters... which goes without saying, but will note for the paper trail... this is the first true and tried sign of the absolute utter READING geek.

The thing is however, and albeit, once you realize you are a GEEK, you don’t too much care about doing geeky things... like reading.

Oh yes, back in the day when reading was VERY UNCOOL, I used to hide the fact that one of my hangouts was FREE Libraries, and GASP, never let anyone see me with a book in my hand.

So imagine when the year 2000... let’s say 03... crept along... when READING suddenly became cool, and then got cooler, and cooler, and cooler, and now here in 2013 I can read in public without worrying (too much) about advertising my geekathong.

Well, wait... I have been tapped on the shoulder before and laughed at for being seen reading A LOT in public. You see, if I read my books on a device, my geekness would be less obvious. I could be emailing, texting, tweeting, or doing any number of things... which translated... means READING is still, after hundreds and hundreds of years, not so cool.

But I’m okay with this. I just got swelled up there for a minute when I thought the reading geek became cool. Hysterical.

And oh, this post was inspired by an article I came across here in the recent, where apparently minds are hard at work trying to invent the device...and/or platform that will… for lack of better phrasing… circumvent the actual act of reading to make it cool? or sociable? or to increase buy-in? Interesting...


  1. Hey…now I know exactly what to get you for Christmas. A Kindle will surely add to your geek attire!!! I’ll make sure to get the original Kindle too. None of that “Fire” stuff because we all know people only use “those” devices for everything but reading. And NO, I do not work for Amazon : ) Kidding...❤ love this post & illustration!

    1. LOL. though I actually don't mind reading on devices...just prefer to enjoy my reading diverse... like everything else. And good tip on the fire doodad. I would be doing something else with my reading electronics. ha.ha.


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